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The day the Huskies have waited for all week is finally here -- Game Day!

Six buses left the team hotel at 12:15 p.m. MT and arrived at Bronco Stadium 15 minutes later. Sure it was three hours before kickoff, but the team was anxious to get going. They've spent the last hour and a half surveying the field and getting the lay of the land.

The setting here at Bronco Stadium is truly amazing and the view outside the press box is unbelievable. Just past the light standards above the east stands are the mountains. It's kind of a gray overcast day today, but it's still impressive to see the tops of the mountains just kissing the clouds.


Alex Kube hugs a patient.jpg

Bowl week for the Northern Illinois University football team is all but over. All that's left is to play the game.

The Huskies began their day with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Breakfast. After breakfast, eight NIU football players; quarterback Chandler Harnish, wide receiver Landon Cox, running back Ricky Crider, defensive end Jake Coffman, safety Mike Sobol, linebacker Alex Kube, offensive tackle Trevor Olson and tight end Jason Schepler visited St. Alphonsus Medical Center in Boise.


The eight student-athletes who comprise NIU's Bowl Leadership Council, went around the hospital visiting with patients young and old. It was impressive watching these young men enter the hospital rooms of complete strangers and listening to the patients tell their stories was impressive to see. I followed Kube, Sobol, Cox and Crider as they visited patients in the Neuro wing and those rehabbing from serious trauma.


Each patient was happy to receive them and talk to the players about football, the upcoming game, where they were from and how great the people of Boise have been to Northern Illinois during their stay. The Huskies came across a high school football player that was overjoyed to meet the quartet. In keeping with the Christmas spirit, not only did the players visit with the patients, but they handed out gifts of t-shirts, hats and water bottles.


Harnish, Coffman, Schepler and Olson visited the pediatric wing and patients being treated for cancer. The group made one visit to a mother and her day-old paper. When she asked if any of the players wanted to hold her child, Chandler stepped up and held the infant gently in his arms.


The Huskies visit to St. Alphonsus was the final event they would participate in.  They hit the Blue Turf at Bronco Stadium for their final walk-thru before tomorrow's game with Fresno State.


Just a final closing thought on our week in Boise. To a man, every Huskie player has raved about their week here for the uDrove Humanitarian Bowl. Like the players every member of the travel party has had the same sentiment. The people of Boise have opened their arms and embraced the Huskies. It will be a trip we will never forget.


The five Northern Illinois freshmen that went over to the Idaho State Capitol building has made national news.'s Ivan Maisel heard about the quintet's visit with Idaho Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter and posted a little blurb on their meeting with Gov. Otter in his blog today.

You can also find a preview of Saturday's uDrove Humanitarian Bowl by Andrea Adelson on's blog as well.

Video Proof of Fun at 6,000 Feet

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If the picture below did not please you enough, don't worry.  Click here to go to the Bowl Central page and check out the awesome video of the Huskies tubing in Boise.  If only there was video of NIU Associate V.P./Director of Athletics Jeff Compher on the tubes.  There's a rumor spreading around the department that Mr. Compher and his senior staff tubed down the mountain together.  We are currently looking for video/photo evidence.  Stay tuned for possible updates on this situation and be sure to check back to Huskie Happenings and the Bowl Central page for more updates and videos over the next few days.



Back row from left to right: Ryan Foley, C.J. Compher, Michael Gegner, Blake Goodell and Ricky Connors with Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter.

"Can we see the governor?"

That was the question a group of Northern Illinois University freshmen presented to the secretary of Idaho governor C.L. "Butch" Otter while touring the state capitol building in Boise today.

Fullbacks C.J. Compher and Ricky Connors, offensive linemen Michael Gegner and Blake Goodell, and defensive lineman Ryan Foley were doing some sight-seeing during their free time on Thursday afternoon and walked over to the capitol building to check it out. During their visit, they walked by Governor Otter's office and decided to stop in.  At the reception desk, they asked, "Can we see the governor?" not really expecting to meet him.

The secretary replied, "Let me see if he's up there."

The five freshmen got more than they bargained for. Not only did Governor Otter, a Boise State graduate, receive them, but he gave the Huskies the red carpet treatment.  He invited them into his office, posed for pictures, asked about the team , the prospects for Saturday's upcoming game and their experience in Boise so far.  He said he would be at the game and even hinted that he would be rooting for the team wearing Red and Black. (Don't tell Fresno State that.)     

In addition to their visit with the governor, the quintet stopped by the State Senate Assembly room where they (with permission) posed for pictures holding the gavel. 

It was an experience those guys will never forget. When Donna Turner and I bumped into them on the street in downtown Boise, they were still raving about the way they were treated.  It was another example of the welcoming hospitality the people of this city have extended to the Huskies throughout their stay here.

Be sure to check out the photo gallery on the blog later tonight for photos taken by Compher.



It is Day Two here in Boise for the Northern Illinois University football team and it began early. The team boarded the buses at 7:45 a.m. and headed to Bogus Basin for a morning of tubing.

After getting through town, the buses headed up a slow and winding road up into the mountains. It was a scenic trip with the snow covered mountains on one side of the road and the valley on the other. The sunrise coming over the mountains made the views even more spectacular. It was pretty cool traveling up the mountain and seeing sign like "Elevation 4,000 Feet," "Elevation 5,000 Feet" and "Elevation 6,000 Feet."

Once up the mountain, the team couldn't wait to hit the tubing hill. For seasoned snow veterans like Minnesota native Trevor Olson, tubing took him back to his childhood. For guys like Tyler Pitt, from McRae, Ga., the snow opened him up to a whole new world. He did, however, have a nasty "incident" on his second run down the hill.

Pitt was going down the run, head first, but ended up getting turned around and was traveling backwards. His foot got caught on the ground tossing him off his tube and sending him tumbling for a bit. To add insult to injury, NIU defensive coordinator/safeties coach Jay Sawvel ran into him. Fortunately for both guys, only their pride was hurt. 

Once at the bottom, Pitt was introduced to another winter pastime - the snowball fights. After reaching the bottom of the hill, there was a lot of down time waiting for the tow to bring the players back to the top again for another run. The Huskies filled that time with intermittent snowball  fights. Public enemy No. 1 was redshirt- freshman quarterback Jordan Lynch. Lynch took great joy firing snowballs from the back of the line into the crowd of his teammates in the front.

Following this morning's tubing event, the Huskies went to downtown Boise to grab some lunch and explore the city a bit before heading over to Boise State's indoor practice facility for an hour and 40 minute workout.

Silas' Record 40 Points Lead NIU Past UIC

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Didn't get enough coverage of the big win for NIU men's basketball last night?  Check out two other recaps describing Xavier Silas', the nation's leading scorer, NIU Convocation Center record performance.  Here's a recap from the Daily-ChronicleHere's the Northern Star's take

Photos of the Huskies in Boise

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Courtesy of NIU Media Services' Scott Walstrom, the Rockford Register Star put together a photo gallery of the Huskies in Boise, Idaho, at the Humanitarian Bowl.  Click here to take a look at what the team has been doing before they hit the field on final time this season on Saturday.



It was a fun-filled first day of activities for the Northern Illinois University football team as the Huskies enjoyed a friendly bowling competition with their opponents in the uDrove Humanitarian Bowl, Fresno State, then enjoyed a delicious barbecue dinner and capping the night off by picking up and picking out their bowl gifts.


The first event of uDrove Humanitarian Bowl Week, Certified Angus Beef Bowl for Beef charity event pitted the Huskies against the Bulldogs at Westy's Garden Lanes in Garden City. The two teams represented four charities. NIU was bowling locally for the Idaho Foodbank and for Meals on Wheels of Sycamore back home.


Members of the NIU defense competed against the Fresno State offense and the Huskie offense took on the Bulldog defense. A player from each side of the ball bowled a frame for their respective teams. The Fresno State defense won the first game, 122-116, while the Huskie offense and Fresno defense tied 145-145 in their game.


Fresno State edged out the Huskies, 267-261. However, Northern Illinois raised a combined total of 1,244 pounds of beef for its two charities.


After a brief stop at the hotel, Northern Illinois then traveled across town to Barber Park Events Center for a Welcome Barbecue. The players enjoyed pulled pork, brisket, baked beans, fresh rolls and of course, potato salad. It was a fantastic meal!


The first evening in Boise ended for the team with a stop at the Gift Suite where the Huskies picked up their bowl swag. Players received a parka, gloves, a backpack, bowl hoodie and t-shirt among other items. The topper however, was the electronics gift suite. The Huskies had five points in which to spend at the table, with each item assigned a point value. For some, it was as one player put it, "The toughest decision of my life."


 If only life were that difficult.


Tomorrow's agenda has the Huskies tubing at Bogus Basin Ski Resort, before heading off to Boise State for their first practice of the week. They then head to Owyhee Plaza Hotel for dinner.


Huskie Fight Song Lyricist to be Honored Tonight

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On December, 1, 2010, Francis Stroup passed away at the age of 101.  A former member of the Northern Illinois University faculty, Stroup is the man who wrote the lyrics to the Huskie fight song in 1961.  Stroup and his late wife, Marjorie, arrived at NIU in 1959 as he was hired as a physical education professor.  The following year, he took over the head coaching position of the new men's swimming team.  He then retired from the university in 1974.  Tonight at the NIU-UIC basketball game, Stroup will be honored prior to tip-off with a moment of silence.  The famous lyrics that were once voted as one of the top-25 college fight songs by an ESPN national poll in 2000:

Huskies, come on you Huskies
and make a score or two

Huskies, you're Northern Huskies
the team to pull us through

Forward, together forward
there's victory in view

Come on you Huskies, Fight on you
Huskies and win for N.I.U.



A quiet group of Huskies boarded five buses at approximately 5:30 a.m. this morning for the first leg, and first day, of the bowl trip to Boise, Idaho.   The buses picked up the group behind the Convocation Center and the most hazardous part of the trip may have been the journey from the car to the bus across a sheet of ice while carrying, or rolling, a bag carrying five days' worth of clothing.

Once filled, the buses set off for Rockford Airport where we rolled onto the tarmac and a very chilly group of TSA employees were waiting for the outdoor check-in procedure.  While it was slightly uncomfortable for those of us on the buses, it had to be freezing for those folks who had to stand out in the sub-zero wind chill for over an hour.

Everyone seemed to remember their ID and after a slight delay due to an extra-large trunk carrying some additional cold weather capes had to be partially emptied, the flight departed at approximately 9 a.m. (CST).  The pilot informed us that the flying time was 3:22 and every seat on the plane was filled, with administrators and coaches and their families at the front, followed by support staff (doctors, athletic trainers, equipment staff) and finally players.

Unlike a "normal" road trip which is limited to 65 players for MAC games and usually only a few more than that (72-74) for the non-conference season, nearly every player on the 2010 roster was able to make the Humanitarian Bowl trip.  In fact, a handful of staffers (including the Media Services crew who film practice, marketing and ticket office staff), had to take a commercial flight.  That group left campus at 3:30 am! 

There were a handful of "first time" flyers on the trip among the additional players, including rookie center Mike Gegner, junior college transfer Matt Battaglia and snapper Brian Mayer.  The group had a breakfast "snack" (bagel, nutri-grain bar) immediately upon board the plane and once airborne, were served a hot (well, semi-hot) breakfast of pancakes and sausage, orange juice, grapefruit and croissant.

As the plane descended into Boise, passengers on the left side of the plane got their first glimpse of the famous "blue turf" of Bronco Stadium.

The Miami Air flight was smooth and Northern Illinois landed in Boise at 11:30 am (Mountain Time).  The Huskies deplaned and got a full police escort to the hotel as traffic was stopped along the highways for the city's special guests.

Upon arrival at the hotel, Gegner reported that he "really enjoyed" the flight while Mayer said it was "fine" and that he slept almost the whole time.

We'll be back later to report on the "Bowl for Beef" - a competitive bowling event between the teams - and the Welcome Dinner and Gift Suite pick-up.  

Media Reaction to New Football Coach Dave Doeren

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Doeren and Media.jpegYesterday's announcement of and press conference for new NIU football head coach Dave Doeren got the media talking.  Take a look at what they have said over the past 24 hours:

Fred Mitchell, Chicago Tribune | 2

Chicago Sun-Times A.P. story

Daily-Chronicle | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Daily Herald

Rockford Register Star

10 Things You Need To Know About the Humanitarian Bowl

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Check this out from  A list of 10 very interesting things about the matchup for this year's Humanitarian Bowl.  I strongly encourage reading, especially the last three.  

Huskies Having Fun Preparing For Bowl Game

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Amid all the comings and goings around the NIU football program, one thing the Huskies have not lost sight of is having a little fun.  At Friday's practice, interim head coach Tom Matukewicz held a few fun one-on-one competitions between players in front of the entire team to keep things loose.  To read more about the details, click here to read John Sahly's article in the Daily Chronicle.  


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Bennett Team DePaul
With all the football buzz, it would be easy to miss this article John Sahly filed on the NIU women's basketball team's start under first-year head coach Kathi Bennett. Here's an appetizer to entice you for the full meal:

Defensively, Bennett said from the day she was hired that NIU's identity would be on defense. So far, it's been a process. The Huskies started Sunday in the middle of the pack in scoring defense in the conference.

"I almost feel like, to be honest with you, the winning hurt us," Bennett said. "And the UIC loss helped us. From that loss, I felt it turn a little bit. The best game was the Northern Iowa game (a 71-64 road win), by far. I thought the UIC game, you always want to learn from a loss, and that humbled us a little bit."

The Huskies are 5-4, and continue non-conference play at Northwestern, Wednesday.


With the big news Monday of the hiring of Dave Doeren as the new NIU football coach, it's time for a media watch. We'll keep updating this area with pertinent articles to NIU Athletic Director Jeff Compher's choice to lead the Huskie Football program.

  • John Sahly of the Daily Chronicle filed this story, banking on a snow shoveling story both Compher and Doeren referenced during the hiring press conference
  • ESPN's Andrea Adelson posted this entry in her College Football Nation Blog - also snow-related
  • Fred Mitchell of the Chicago Tribune wrote this about the hire
  • The Badgers had a take, offering this blog entry with words from Badger head coach Brett Bielema and AD Barry Alvarez
  • The Daily Herald's Lindsey Willhite had this to say, comparing the hire to when Joe Novak was named NIU's football coach
More to come...


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The Huskies have hired Dave Doeren, former Wisconsin defensive coordinator, as their next head coach. Here's a quick coverage round-up:

Keep checking back. We'll link around the net as stories pop-up about the hiring.

Huskies Help Hope Haven

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Today, with help from three NIU softball players, the Huskies donated Christmas gifts to Hope Haven, a local shelter.  Check out the video to see the Huskies helping the community.  Every year, the NIU Athletic Department comes together to spread holiday cheer and donate Christmas gifts to those who are less fortunate around the DeKalb-Sycamore community.

Huskie Bowl Swag

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Interested to know what type of gifts will be handed out by many of the bowls around the country?  You need to look no further.  The Huskies and Bulldogs will each receive quite a nice package of goodies, which includes a Sony gift suite, New Era skull cap, waterproof breathable parka, winter gloves, hand warmers, Ogio fugitive backpack and Big Game souvenir football.  Click here to see what other bowls are handing out.

SI Ranks the Bowls

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Sports Illustrated's annual ranking of the bowls from most interesting to... not as interesting is out. The Humanitarian Bowl featuring Northern Illinois and Fresno State checked in as the fourth-best bowl featuring two teams from outside the BCS automatic berth conferences. Overall, SI's Stewart Mandel placed the Huskies' game 23rd in his countdown (or count-up), and first among the MAC bowls. Here's what he had to say:

23. Humanitarian (Dec. 18): Northern Illinois (10-3) vs. Fresno State (8-4). The Bulldogs agreed to return to the blue turf less than a month after their 51-0 loss to Boise State. The formerly ranked Huskies will provide more even competition.


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The mission of NIU Athletics is to Develop Champions In the Classroom, In Competition, and In Life. Today our student-athletes, along with all students at NIU, start their finals. We wish them the best of luck with their upcoming exams, presentations and projects! Go Huskies!


Jay Taft of the Rockford Register Star filed his take on tomorrow night's MAC Championship in this story.


Rick Armstrong has been a very busy man, pulling double duty working for the Beacon News and the Chicago Sun-Times. Armstrong caught up with former NIU head coach Joe Novak to find out where the Miami (OH) grad's loyalties will be on Friday in this feature story.

He also has an outstanding feature on NIU signal caller Chandler Harnish, that technically will run tomorrow, and this story on Vern Smith Leadership Award winner and MAC Offensive Player of the Year Chad Spann.


Kill-Web.jpgThere are a pair of features on the Chicago Tribune's website today. Fred Mitchell posted his breakdown and prediction of Friday night's (6 p.m. CST, ESPN2) 2010 MAC Championship game against Miami (OH).

Mitchell's colleague, David Haugh, wrote this excellent feature of the Huskie's head man Jerry Kill. He talks about his rise from humble beginnings to one of the best at his profession.


As you may have already heard, NIU tailback Chad Spann earned the Mid-American Conference's Vern Smith Leadership Award today. A former walk-on, who earned a scholarship two weeks into his freshman year, Spann joins former teammate Larry English and fellow Huskie tailback Garrett Wolfe. Scott Powers of had a post on his blog today, as did Andrea Adelson of in her blog. Adelson went a step further naming the All-MAC Teams and specialty awards in her post.


Fred Mitchell of the Chicago Tribune posted his take on the upcoming 2010 Marathon MAC Championship. Head coach Jerry Kill, linebacker Alex Kube and quarterback Chandler Harnish offer their keys to success against Miami (OH) Friday night.


Ford Field.jpgCurrently it's 22 degrees with flurries in DeKalb, Illinois. Right now in Detroit, it's a slightly warmer 30 degrees and cloudy. However, inside Ford Field, site of the 2010 MAC Championship, it's, well I'm not exactly sure, but I'm sure the thermostat is set above 65 degrees and no wind. Ideal conditions for a Huskie offense that has averaged 65 points a game the last three games in various weather conditions. As Jeremy Werner of the Daily Chronicle reports, the Huskies are looking forward to getting in out of the cold at Ford Field.


Lynch.jpgWhen Jordan Lynch looks across at the opposite sideline in the 2010 MAC Championship Friday night at Ford Field, he'll see the face of a former teammate. Not one from Mt. Carmel, but from his other team. In the summer of 2009, Lynch was a member of USA Football's U-19 National Team that took the gold medal at the IFAF Junior World Championship in Canton, Ohio.

Lynch was one of two safeties for the Red, White and Blue. The other safety on the squad was Pat Hinkel. Hinkel is the starting free safety for the Miami Redhawks. Joe Frollo of USA Football posted this story on the former teammates today.

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