It is Day Two here in Boise for the Northern Illinois University football team and it began early. The team boarded the buses at 7:45 a.m. and headed to Bogus Basin for a morning of tubing.

After getting through town, the buses headed up a slow and winding road up into the mountains. It was a scenic trip with the snow covered mountains on one side of the road and the valley on the other. The sunrise coming over the mountains made the views even more spectacular. It was pretty cool traveling up the mountain and seeing sign like "Elevation 4,000 Feet," "Elevation 5,000 Feet" and "Elevation 6,000 Feet."

Once up the mountain, the team couldn't wait to hit the tubing hill. For seasoned snow veterans like Minnesota native Trevor Olson, tubing took him back to his childhood. For guys like Tyler Pitt, from McRae, Ga., the snow opened him up to a whole new world. He did, however, have a nasty "incident" on his second run down the hill.

Pitt was going down the run, head first, but ended up getting turned around and was traveling backwards. His foot got caught on the ground tossing him off his tube and sending him tumbling for a bit. To add insult to injury, NIU defensive coordinator/safeties coach Jay Sawvel ran into him. Fortunately for both guys, only their pride was hurt. 

Once at the bottom, Pitt was introduced to another winter pastime - the snowball fights. After reaching the bottom of the hill, there was a lot of down time waiting for the tow to bring the players back to the top again for another run. The Huskies filled that time with intermittent snowball  fights. Public enemy No. 1 was redshirt- freshman quarterback Jordan Lynch. Lynch took great joy firing snowballs from the back of the line into the crowd of his teammates in the front.

Following this morning's tubing event, the Huskies went to downtown Boise to grab some lunch and explore the city a bit before heading over to Boise State's indoor practice facility for an hour and 40 minute workout.

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