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David Thorpe of recently featured NIU's Xavier Silas as one of his potential sleepers in the 2011 NBA Draft. In evaluating Silas, here are some of Thorpe's thoughts:

- "I like Silas' compact and repeatable shooting form from deep better than any player I've studied in college this season."

- "He could also hit that difficult shot off of a baseline screen or flare from the top because the wing 3-pointer is such a deep shot. I'd guess there won't be three players from this class who will be able to make that shot consistently over their NBA careers, but Silas will be one who can."

- "Silas surprised me with his defense, smartly switching screens in rapid succession and finding the right guys to rotate to quickly. This shows me he's locked into the game plan."

To read Thorpe's entire column, click here. Silas and the Huskies return to the NIU Convocation Center on Wednesday night when they host Akron at 6:30 p.m.

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