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NIU President Dr. John Peters is one of three university presidents named today to the NCAA Division I Bowl Licensing Task Force by NCAA President Mark Emmert. 

The formation of the task force was announced by Emmert in April; the 12-member group is charged with reviewing the NCAA Division I football bowl structure, including examining governance and oversight by bowl sponsoring agencies, conflict of interest rules and policies, advertising and title sponsorship standards, and the financial management oversight of the bowl games.

Peters, who has been a member of the NCAA Board of Directors and is the Mid-American Conference representative on the Bowl Championship Series Presidential Oversight Committee, recently served on the BCS task force that reviewed the qualifications of the Fiesta Bowl to remain in the BCS.

The NCAA Bowl Licensing Task Force is made up of leading corporate executives, university presidents, athletics directors and conference representatives.  The task force expects to report findings and recommendations to the NCAA Board of Directors in October.

Read the NCAA's announcement about the formation of the task force and links to the details of its efforts here.

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