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On one of the beautiful 80 degree days DeKalb had to offer in the month of March, I went outside to watch the team practice at Ralph McKinzie Field and was quickly approached by Head Coach Ed Mathey. As we talked about the happenings of NIU and baseball in general, senior third baseman Troy White took a stab at a hard hit ground ball and came up with the ball and flinged the ball back to home plate as he continued to take the ground balls at practice.

As Mathey and I just laughed at the amazing play that was made by White in front of our own eyes, Mathey said to me "Don't be surprised if that kid becomes a millionaire. Whatever he pursues, he's going to be successful at."

Following an interview Monday morning, I think Troy may have found a believer at The Chicago Tribune in columnist Phil Hersh. Hersh and White spoke on the phone for about 10 minutes and wrote a great piece on White's road to Northern Illinois.

In case you missed it on our YouTube page, here is a television feature released earlier this year on White's story.

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