Player of the Week: Jordan Lynch

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The NIU football team is halfway through their 2012 season and it sure has been impressive so far.

Many of the players have performed well, but one sticks out among the rest. NIU Quarterback Jordan Lynch has proved that he is capable of leading his team into the post-season and more.

Lynch has increased his stats and rank in the MAC West.

Overall, Lynch has passed for a total of 1255 yards with a 60.8 completion percentage. Lynch has rushed for a net total of 789 yards with an average of 6.9 yards per carry! For individual offense, Lynch averages about 340.67 yards per game. He is ranked first in the MAC and seventh in the NCAA. All together, Lynch has a totaled 2055 yards of total offense.

Still not impressed? He is ranked second in the MAC and eighth in the nation for rushing yards! Lynch rushes about 131.5 yards per game.

 Lynch has lead his team to be one of the best offensively. The team is ranked 35th in the NCAA and third in the MAC for an average total of 454.83 yards per game. Lynch's rushing offense is ranked 11th in the NCAA and first in the MAC.

In addition, he has been awarded player of the week for three consecutive weeks.

Check out at Jordan Lynch and see why he deserves player of the week.

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