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The Northern Illinois football staff wrapped up eight days of camps - seven held on the NIU campus - with 48 teams in DeKalb for a 7-on-7 camp on June 15th that brought approximately 960 high school students to Northern Illinois.  NIU Assistant Athletic Director for Football Operations Matt Lipman reports that the 2013 camp season was one of the most successful and popular at Northern Illinois in recent memory.  In addition to the 7-on-7 campers, the Huskies welcomed 856 one-day campers and had 222 offensive and defensive linemen attend the "Big Dog Camp."   The one-day camp on June 9 was held in Chicago for the team's annual "Chicago Showcase."  In all, Northern Illinois football camps attracted 2,032 participants in 2013.  "We were very pleased with this year's camp numbers, but we're always looking to improve the attendance and improve the experience for the campers," Lipman said.  "Next year, it will be exciting to have the Chessick Practice Center available during camp season." 

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