Chandler Harnish
Northern Illinois University quarterback Chandler Harnish (Bluffton, Ind./Norwell) will be available for a live chat, Monday, October 12, 2009 at 4 p.m. Harnish and the Huskies (3-2, 1-0) are enjoying their bye-week after posting a 38-3 victory over Western Michigan in NIU's 2009 Homecoming game. Northern Illinois will be back in action Saturday, October 17, 2009 when the Huskies travel to Toledo to take on the Rockets. Kick off is set for 6 p.m. Central Time.
Moderator: Hello everyone. I wanted to welcome you to our live chat with NIU quarterback Chandler Harnish. So fire away with your questions.

Eric (Warrenville): Congrats to you and the team on the season thus far. How do you feel the new receivers are progressing? I've noticed a lot less dropped balls this season. It must have felt good to beat Purdue. But please do the same to Toledo. They are always a thorn in our side and always seem to be in our way to obtaining that elusive MAC Championship. Go Huskies!
Chandler Harnish: The wide receivers are doing a great job this year. One thing I've noticed is they've really matured as a group. Coach Fleck has done a great job preparing them each week. I feel that our receivers have dropped fewer passes this year because I've been more accurate this year. That makes their job a lot easier.

Ken Zally (Dallas,Tx): You're growing into the job, but where do you need to improve? Do you need to cut back on running the ball? you take more punishment, just a thought.
Chandler Harnish: The main area I need to improve on is my drop back passing game. If I can get to a point where I'm like Tim Hiller of Western Michigan and Dan LeFevour of Central Michigan we'll have a really good offense. As far as running too much, I've always been a running quarterback. I do take a beating, but I enjoy running the ball.

Brian (Sycamore): Great job so far this season, Chandler. How is it dealing with the media as the quarterback of the team?
Chandler Harnish: I've always had fun dealing with the media. One thing I noticed this year is it's very tiring being the "face of the team" now that Larry's gone. I still enjoy it. Sometimes I need to take a step back and let other people be seen and heard.

Paul Platinum: Do you feel your a better quarterback when you're in the spread offense or under center. Just noticed that your mechanics look better when under center. tell me if im right or wrong.
Chandler Harnish: I feel being under center is an area I got a lot better at this year. As much as our team runs the ball, it's vital that I'm efficient under center because of the amount of play action that we do. I still need to improve in the shot gun becuase we will run into teams with good run defenses and we'll have to pass the ball. Coach Poore will help me along the way and develop me into a shot gun passer as well.

Mike (Burbank): Hi Chandler, Keep up the great work...Go Huskies! My question is which visiting stadium have you enjoyed playing in the most. Also, besides NIU, what school has the best fight song?
Chandler Harnish: Hands down Wisconsin. Their atmosphere was an experience that's hard to put into words. It's a great college town. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to play in Tennessee last year because I was injured. I've heard great things about that stadium.

Steve in Scottsdale, Arizona: Coach Kill is all about fundamentals and being ready for each game. With a second half schedule that should have a bunch of "W's" written all over it in the next seven weeks, how do you, as the quarterback leader, help mentally prepare for each of these upcoming games with the same intensity the team brought to the WMU matchup two weeks ago. There is NO team on our schedule who will not be hungry to catch us looking ahead. One week at a time, one game at a time, one play at a time, we have to take that thought away from them.
Chandler Harnish: Coach Kill is a great coach and he does a great job preparing us each week. He won't let us look ahead. If we come out the way we did against Western Michigan, we'll definitely get a lot of wins. However, we don't want to overlook any body.

Vero Beach, FL: Hi Chandler, How would you describe your reaction to a quarter draw being called in comparison to a deep pass? I guess what I'm asking is do you have a gunslinger mentality or do you take pride in your running ability?
Chandler Harnish: Hey Vero Beach good to hear from. Actually went on spring break there my junior year of high school. Good times. I've never been a gunslinger because of my running ability. Vven through high school, I was never throwing the ball 50 times a game. I don't mind throwing the ball down field. I like to run the ball too. I just like to do what helps the team. We're more of a possession-type team. Keep the other offense off the field. Stats are something that don't mean a whole lot to me. If you're winning, that's all that matters.

RON, CHICAGO: What has your football team been doing in practice to get mentally focused for Toledo? By the way, great job this year, Chandler.
Chandler Harnish: Nothing has changed over the last couple weeks preparing for Toledo. We go out there full pads, ones versus ones, for about 30 minutes during our two and a half hour practice. We just get after it and that helps us get prepared for Toledo.

Sebastian, FL: Hi, How much better do you think you will be in two years when you're a senior than you are now? In what areas do you think you will be better and how high do you think you can be drafted by the NFL when the time comes?
Chandler Harnish: First off thank you for the compliments. Where I'm at in my career now. I still have two and a half year left to play. There's a lot of room for improvement. Playing in the NFL is definitely a dream of mine. That's one of my goals for the future, but I'm more focused on winning MAC Championships and bowl games right now.

jim (Lemont): How much time do you spend with your offensive line?
Chandler Harnish: I spend quite a bit of time with quite a few linemen. We're a tight knit group. Adam Kiel is my roommate. I also spend a lot of time with guys like Scott Wedige and Trevor Olson. Unlike Peyton Manning, I can't take them to dinner all the time. I usually pay them in the form of compliments in the media whenever I get the chance.

Stuart, FL: Hey QB, What do you like most about Coach Kill and what's one thing that Coach does or says all the time that bothers or annoys you?
Chandler Harnish: Coach Kill is a very interesting coach and brings a lot to the table. One thing that i like about him is that he is very honest with each player on our team and treats everyone fairly but not the same. That is one thing that he points out every day at practice.

Ricky (DeKalb): How many phone calls and e-mails did you get from people in Indiana after the Purdue game? Was that a huge game for you, personally, to get that W?
Chandler Harnish: I still do get quite a bit of calls and emails to this day from that game, and it was huge for me and the team to get the W. The way our schedule works, however; is that i have to move on to focus on other teams that we play from week to week, but it was always be a memory for me to tell my kids or grand kids someday.

ryan (rockford): Who is faster? you or Jake Coffman?
Chandler Harnish: There is no doubt in my mind that i am MUCH faster than Jake. I am about 100% sure that the whole team will testify to that. I say that because Jake is a very close friend of mine, but that is one area where i beat him.

Mike (Chicago): Hi Chandler; What do you enjoy most about the game day atmosphere at Huskie Stadium?
Chandler Harnish: its hard to put into words what exactly one thing that i like about Huskie Stadium on gameday. The entrance onto the field right before the game starts is always a great feeling and creates a rush of emotions that is indescribable. I would say this, "You have to Experience it Live"

Michael (Chicago): So Harnish, boxers of briefs?
Chandler Harnish: Briefs definitely, enough said!

Randy, Lockup: Is your family able to come and watch you play many games??
Chandler Harnish: My family makes it to every game that we play. I don't know how they do it every weekend (they must love it that much). They have to travel anywhere between 4-5 hours. Also, my Uncle Randy Harnish makes it to many games, which i really appreciate.

Scott, Farmington, New Mexico: Chandler, Meco and Chadd have been running great and you've been throwin the ball real well. When facing Toledo, will guys establish the running game early? Or go straight to the air? HUSKIE NATION
Chandler Harnish: I dont think its a secret that we want to establish a running game right from the start. Toledo is a good team, but i feel like if we do run the ball well early, we will put ourselves in a great position to win. I cant say enough about how well Chad and Me'co have been playing this year. They compliment their games so well

DeKalb: Yo Chandler, If you had to pick one receiver out of the bunch, who do you think will break out and and be your No. 1 guy in the next two years? Why do you think that?
Chandler Harnish: I dont like to point out one guy among a great group of receivers. Everyone brings their own skills to the table that help our team succeed. I will point out that Landon Cox has been an unbelievable player for us this year, and that is one thing that is hard to notice because he does his work in different areas of the game, such as blocking and catching short passes and converting third downs. Martel Moore will be a great player, as will Perez Ashford. A couple young guys that have made a great impression on me and the coaching staff from day one.

Mark (Geneva): Chandler; What has been your most enjoyable game as a Huskie to date?
Chandler Harnish: The most enjoyable game for me was probably the Toledo game from last year on Homecoming. Its always fun to beat your rival school, and to play pretty well during that game is always a plus. On top of that, i had many friends and family there to enjoy the experience with.

Carlee(Murray): Do you have any siblings? I bet they're great kids
Chandler Harnish: i do have 2 brothers and 1 sister. Brothers Mitch (23) and married, and Piercen (14) 7th grade football player. My one and only lovable sister Carlee (15) a freshman soccer player. Shes the best

Joe (St. Charles): Who are some pro or college quarterbacks that you like to watch or would pay to see play? Did you have a favorite quarterback growing up?
Chandler Harnish: I love watching Peyton Manning play. I've always been a Colts fan, and to see the different ways he handles and leads a team is truly amazing. Just watching the game last night was a exciting for me because i want to be a much like him as possible. I also enjoy watching Colt McCoy play for the Texas Longhorns because i feel like we have similar playing styles

Gene (Orland Park): Good luck this weekend. After Toledo's lost to WMU this weekend, you know they will come out with intensity. Are you ready for your first start in the Glass Bowl?
Chandler Harnish: Thanks a lot. Toledo will come with a ton of energy this weekend and we are definitely preparing for that. We havent had a ton of success in the Glass Bowl over the years, so it is a must that we come out and attack early on. I am ready for my first start there and excited to play

Susan (Bloomington): Hi Chandler, I have a question about the recruiting process. When you were going through it, what did you like most about it and what did you dislike the most?
Chandler Harnish: The recruiting process to this day is still a mystery to me. One thing that i liked about it was i got the chance to meet many people and a bunch of great coaches. I also got to spend a lot of quality time with my dad driving all over the Midwest. One thing i didnt like though was i didnt feel like i received much respect because i came from a smaller high school.

Skip (Rockford): Hello Chandler; What phase of your game are you working the hardest on?
Chandler Harnish: i have been working the hardest on my drop back game. If i can continue to improve there, i think the sky is the limit for this offense.

John: Hello Chandler. Enjoy wathcing you lead the team. Besides an IPF, what enhancement do you most look forward to seeing for Huskie Stadium?
Chandler Harnish: I think Huskie Stadium is a great place to play already. The only thing i want to see more of is FANS. We need as much support as possible because it creates energy that really does help our team succeed.

Tom (Downers Grove): Hi Chandler; How do you prepare for a possible let down after two weeks off and a great victory over WMU?
Chandler Harnish: I think we have a great feeling of what a "let down" is after beating Purdue and then losing to Idaho. However, Idaho is a very good team and deserve a ton of credit. We dont want that feeling again, and Coach Kill wont allow it.

Rockford: Hey Chandler, What does the offense do better now than it did in week 1 against Wisconsin? Where have you seen the most improvement?
Chandler Harnish: I think we are running the ball very well, and the more we can do that the less pressure there is on me and the offense to convert long third downs

Billy (Cleveland): Chandler, when you get some down time, what do you do away from football?
Chandler Harnish: Thats a funny question because during season, there is no down time. When i do get a little here and there, i love to take a good nap or watch Family Guy or The Office. I also like just hanging out with my friends

Scott (Rockford): How do you pick out game balls?
Chandler Harnish: Its a simple process. I choose balls that we have worked with in practice. The ones that feel most comfortable and have plenty of grip are the balls that i choose
Chandler Harnish: Thanks a lot for all the questions. I appreciate everyone's support, and look forward to seeing each and every one of you at Huskie Stadium this year. Go Huskies! -Chandler
Moderator: That concludes our chat with NIU's quarterback Chandler Harnish. We appreciate all your questions. We'll keep you posted on any Live Chats in the future.

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