Assistant Coaches
Frisman Jackson
Wide Receivers
First Season
Western Illinois (2003)

"Playing Wide Receiver at NIU is understanding the tradition of this position and that you have to perform at a consistently higher level than others. With this comes the responsibility of preparing yourself in all aspects of the game to be a great player. Each and every play, you have a specific job and role. You must be a player that has confidence and intensity to dominate your opponent in every aspect of your game. To do this you must develop habits. Your habits will either be good or bad. Those habits will appear when you are fatigued and you will revert to whatever habit you have developed in practice. That is why we must always out-hustle and out-work the defense. If you practice at a tempo where you constantly out-work and out-hustle the defender that will become your habit.

The harder you work during PEACE, the less you BLEED during WAR!"
            -Frisman Jackson

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