Sports Performance
Members of the Northern Illinois University football team have seen tremendous gains in strength, speed and agility under the guidance of NIU Director of Sports Performance Brad Ohrt and his staff. The Huskie Football Sports Performance program has a series of set objectives to help maximize strength, agility and endurance at the highest level. The program's primary objective is for each student-athlete to achieve his maximum level of performance through an aggressive approach to comprehensive training and is based on three phases of training, including offseason, preseason and in-season. Training prescriptions are determined by giving significant consideration to areas susceptible to injury, muscle groups involved and energy systems stressed by the sport.

A year-round commitment is required to compete at the highest level. Drive, determination, and dedication are cornerstones of athletic success. These traits, as well as mental toughness, accountability and integrity, will be developed over the course of the athlete's career. Improvement will be not only physically, but within the drive to succeed.