NIU and the Bowls - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to purchase bowl tickets through NIU?
It is extremely important for NIU fans to purchase tickets through the NIU ticket office:

  • It helps NIU fulfill its required ticket sales allotment
  • NIU fans can purchase premium seating in the NIU fan section
  • A large support base will enhance our program's attractiveness to future bowls

How will actual ticket locations for NIU fans be determined and allocated?
Ticket placements will be made in the following rank order:

  1. Huskie Athletic Scholarship Fund (HASF) donors and corporate partners
  2. Season ticket holders
  3. General Public

Of the tickets given to NIU, the HASF loyalty point system will be used to determine how the tickets are allocated to Huskie fans. For more information about the loyalty point system, please visit

Additionally, by purchasing your tickets through NIU, you will be supporting the university's commitment to selling the maximum tickets possible. We are responsible for purchasing a significant allotment of tickets and by purchasing tickets through NIU, we fulfill our commitment and enhance our bowl relationships.

I cannot attend, how can I support the team?
By purchasing tickets through NIU even if you can't attend the game, you will be helping the Huskies fulfill their bowl requirement and help NIU students attend the game. Donated tickets may also be used to support other important civic initiatives within our own fan base or the local bowl community and can have a possible tax deduction.

How do I pick up the tickets I have purchased?
Once NIU has confirmed a bowl invitation, all ticket information will be immediately updated as specific details from that bowl become available.

What is the cost of tickets to the bowl game?
Tickets to bowl games vary according to the game and the seat location. Below is pricing information for the MAC bowls.

$45 Sideline; $15 End Zone

Little Caesars Pizza Bowl
$60, $45, $30

International Bowl
$55, $20

More details, as well as a seating chart for these venues, is available on each bowl's website (see links on main bowl information page).

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