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Huskie Intern Program

The Huskie Intern Program consists of former student-athletes who have exhausted eligibility and are still on scholarship, and former student-athletes who are on medical scholarship. Inclusion in the Huskie Intern Program is not an entitlement, and is at the discretion of the coaching staff and Director of Athletics (or designee). Other factors used in the consideration of former student-athletes for the Huskie Intern Program may include the availability of funds, and fulfillment of academic and team obligations. Additionally, participation in the Huskie Intern Program is on a semester-by-semester basis.

As part of the Huskie Intern Program, individuals are required to work a specified number of hours (as determined by their scholarship amount) within NIU's Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Opportunities for work in the Huskie Intern Program are available in the Athletics Business Office, HACO, Development, Facilities and Event Management, Life Skills, Marketing, Media Relations, SAASS, and the sport the former student-athlete participated in at NIU. Accordingly, to ensure individuals are completing their required number of hours in the assigned office, hourly logs signed by the former student-athlete and supervisor are required to be submitted to the HACO on a monthly basis.

Former student-athletes who would like to apply for the Huskie Intern Program are required to complete and submit the Huskie Intern Application to the HACO. Once received, the HACO will acquire the appropriate signatures and supporting documentation to complete the application process. After review, those who have applied will be notified via email of whether or not they have been approved for involvement in the Huskie Inter Program. Former student-athletes approved for the program are required to adhere to the terms and conditions of the program's financial aid award or risk losing the opportunity to be a Huskie Intern.

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