So you're interested in NIU! Wonderful!
We're just as interested in you.

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Whether you're nearing completion of high school or seeking post-baccalaureate education, NIU will help you become a critical thinker with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to society and the workforce.

The critical step in this journey to lifelong learning is to apply.

Choosing a college is all about reasons - the reasons you think you'll fit in at a school ... the reasons you think you'll succeed there.

Your college should fit who you are now - and the person you want to become.

More than 5,000 new students choose Northern Illinois University each year.

Their reasons for coming to Northern include outstanding academic programs and faculty, exciting campus life opportunities, dynamic career preparation, a great location, and affordability.

For more information on gaining admission to Northern Illinois University, please click HERE.

NCAA Qualifier. Prospective student-athletes must meet academic requirements set forth by the NCAA clearinghouse to become a qualifier and thus eligible for financial aid, practice and competition. Please click HERE for more information on becoming a NCAA qualifier. Also, it is important to remember that qualifying with the NCAA clearinghouse is independent from gaining admission to Northern Illinois University.

All prospective student-athletes are required to complete an undergraduate admissions application and go through the regular admissions process. There are three convenient ways to receive your application for admission:

  • Phone: 1-815-753-0446
  • Online: Admissions Office

    If you are planning on signing a national letter of intent during the November or February periods, please do NOT apply on-line and remember to begin your standardized testing early, in your junior year of high school.

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