Sports Medicine

Visitor Information

On behalf of the Northern Illinois University Athletic Training Staff, we would like to welcome you to campus. To help make your trip a little easier, here is some important information that may be of assistance to you.

Northern Illinois University operates 4 athletic training rooms for its intercollegiate sports. They are located in the NIU Yordon Center, Convocation Center, and Huskie Stadium. The athletic training room will be open approximately two hours before the contest and until treatments are completed following the competition. The athletic training room offers a variety of hot and cold modalities, hydrotherapy, electrical stimulation, cryocompression and ultrasound.

If your team is traveling with only an athletic training student, a written prescription or e-mail from a certified athletic trainer is required for treatment other than heat or ice. If your team is traveling without an athletic trainer, please notify us in advance.

For your convenience water, ice, ice bags, cups, towels, & biohazard supplies will be provided in your bench area and locker room. Should you require any other supplies please contact us in advance.

A team physician and/or orthopedic surgeon will be in attendance and/or on-call for all contests. Vacuum splints, basic airway kit, crutches and other splinting/ambulatory supplies will be available to assist you and the student-athletes when needed.

If you are in need of any additional supplies or information, and/or if we can be of service to you in any other way, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Certified Athletic Trainers

Additional Phone Numbers

Area Code (815)

Relevant University Numbers

Univ Police753-1212 or 911
Ambulance911 or 758-3411
Gilbert Sebenste753-5492
Departmental Fax Numbers
Yordon Fax (FB)753-1874
Yordon Fax (ATR)753-2415
Convocation Fax (ATR)753-1402
Local Health Care Providers
AIM Urgent Care754-1122
Collins Dental Group758-3666 (O) 758-3626(f)
DeKalb Clinic758-8671(O) 787-7242(f)
DeKalb Clinic Urg. Care758-5061
DeKalb MRI748-3674(O) 748-3673(f)
DeKalb Optometric Assoc756-6388(O)
Hauser Ross Eye Inst.756-8571(O) 756-5603 (f)
Kishwaukee Hospital756-1521
- Patient Scheduling748-2975(O) 748-8935 (f)
- Pre-op748-2965 (f)
- Pain Clinic748-2987(O) 748-8395(f)
Lehans Pharmacy758-0913(O) 758-2669 (f)
Walgreen's Sycamore895-8227(O) 895-5769 (f)


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