Student-Athlete Academic Support Services
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SAASS Mission: To provide student-athletes with the resources necessary to prepare for the challenges of a diverse society while earning an undergraduate degree.

Role of the SAASS Office: Student-Athlete Academic Support Services is a unit of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Office. The SAASS Office is responsible for academic monitoring, tracking NCAA academic eligibility and providing tutoring assistance for over 400 Division I student-athletes. Members of the SAASS staff work collaboratively with other university offices to provide student-athletes with the tools necessary for success. The SAASS staff maintains strong working relationships with departmental academic advisors, professors, and university wide student support service departments to ensure that student-athletes are aware of and have access to all resources and programs on NIU's campus.

Hours of Operation:

Yordon Center SASS Hours (Fall-Spring)
M-Th: 8am-9pm
Fri: 8am-4:30pm
Su: 6pm-10pm

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