What is the Huskie Athletic Support Fund?
The Huskie Athletic Support Fund (HASF), is a non-profit organization that raises private funds to support NIU's 17 intercollegiate athletic programs. The primary objective of the HASF is to provide the necessary resources so that each of our student-athletes may have a "world-class" academic and athletic experience at NIU. In order to provide this experience, HASF funds are used directly for the rising costs of recruiting budgets, team travel, facility enhancements, and other operating expenses associated with an NCAA Division I athletic program.

Why join the Huskie Athletic Support Fund?
By contributing to the HASF, you are helping provide each of our 475 student-athletes with a world-class experience and making a true difference and impact on their lives.

Why are contributions needed?
The athletic program at Northern Illinois University is required to be self-supporting. No state dollars go to athletic programs in Illinois. We currently sponsor 17 varsity sports representing 475 student-athletes. We depend on funds generated by corporate sponsorships, gate receipts, game guarantees, and private donations to support Huskie Athletics.

This is where the Huskie Athletic Support Fund plays a vital role. HASF funds provide the necessary support to supplement the athletic department's other forms of external revenue.

What are the benefits of joining the HASF?
In addition to the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of NIU student-athletes, there are tangible benefits, depending on level that HASF members receive on an annual basis. Such benefits include: ability to purchase reserved parking, home and away football ticket priorities, media guides, and HASF hospitality.

Can I use a corporate matching gift to increase my contribution?
Yes, matching gifts are encouraged by the HASF and allows for an increase in your contribution. Please see your employers Human Resource office to ensure they will match to the Huskie Athletic Support Fund. Please present all pertinent paper work to the HASF office.

How are away game, bowl, and post-season tickets assigned?
Tickets for away, bowl, and post-season are allocated by levels of giving and priority within each level by the HASF Office.

Do capital gifts or endowments count toward the HASF?
No, capital gifts and endowments do not count toward the HASF. These gifts are above and beyond your HASF donation, but are tax deductible.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Under section 170(1) of the Internal Revenue Code, 80% of an amount paid to an institution of higher education is eligible for treatment as a charitable contribution if as a result of the payment, the donor receives the right to purchase tickets for seating in an athletic stadium, arena, or other athletic benefits.

You should consult your tax advisor for determining your proper charitable deductions. Contributions to the HASF are fully tax deductible if there are no tickets associated with your gift.

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