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March 16, 2010

A blog by sixth-year senior and Student Athlete Advisory Committee President Brian Smith.

March 15, 2010

When I last posted, we had started our trip off on the right foot. We were 3-0, with three solid performances from our starting pitching at UC Bakersfield. We had timely hitting, played solid defense, played good situational baseball, and our bullpen did a fantastic job closing out those three wins. We were playing the game the way it was meant to be played.

Since then, we have turned in a record of 0-6. Our pitching staff had control issues, we hit the ball very well but we did not have very timely hitting, and our defense was left in Bakersfield. We have got a small case of the Jeckle & Hyde syndrome. We are not sure which team is going to show up on which day. It has been frustrating, but as long as we keep our attitude going in the right direction, we are going to turn this thing around. Our issues have been things we can fix with time and reps during this work-week. Not really too sure how the weather has been in DeKalb since we have left, but hopefully when we start practice up on Tuesday, we will be able to use the "Ralph" and get into a groove of being outside during situations.

The season is still young and we can use this trip, as horrible as this may sound, as our Spring Training for our MAC season. The excuses of not being able to practice outside are no longer an option. Game experience can no longer be an option. We will have had enough repetitions inside and out to know what we are really made of.

The team moral is still pretty high, as of now. This upcoming weekend against Southern Illinois is going to show all of us who is going to step up and help take us to the next level.

Our trip home was a pretty somber one. Everyone was exhausted from the four-game weekend and the clocks being moved up an hour. We had a lot of time to go over our week in Cali and mentally rid it from our systems.

Traveling home from the West Coast is terrible, especially when some guys have classes as early as 7:30 a.m. It's the life of a student-athlete. Sacrifices have to be made throughout our season to catch up on sleep and homework, but it isn't that hard to adjust to. I am also glad to get home so that I can have some solid television time. I don't know how people from Cali do it. Seinfeld is on at the most obscure times. There were NCAA Conference tournament games on at 8 a.m. How is that enjoyable? American Idol isn't even on in prime time! That's messed up ...

As a player, it is reassuring to see our friends and family out at all of our games. They are sticking behind us through this tough time. I guarantee better baseball from here on out. In the two years I redshirted, my blood pressure was probably higher watching than it has ever been playing, so I understand how some of you may be feeling after this week. You have all been fantastic and we appreciate everything you guys do for us. We even have some alumni watching our games constantly on Gametracker and texting some of us to keep our heads up and keep moving forward. Daniel Jewett, Dan Atkenson, Timmy Kamin, etc., have been blowing up my text box with positive things, and those guys all went through the grind we have just gone through. Keep it up fellas.

I'm thinking about trying some new material into these next few blogs and we'll see how it goes. In my next blog I am going to introduce all of you to a Huskie. Play some Q & A with current and alumni baseball players.



One last thing:

I would like to congratulate Alex Beckmann's father, Pete, for being the first person to slip up and think my brother, Jason, was me. Strike one, Mr. Beckmann.

Updated list of people who can't tell Jason and I apart.

Mr. Beckmann - 1

If you have any questions, comments or concerns for Brian, please e-mail Baseball SID Zach Peters (



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