Blog Entry #11 - Can O' Corn: Bloggin' NIU Baseball With Pitcher Brian Smith



March 26, 2010

A blog by sixth-year senior and Student Athlete Advisory Committee President Brian Smith.

March 26, 2010

We arrived at Bowling Green around 9 p.m. ET to find snow on all of the cars in our hotel parking lot. It would not seem like the MAC opener without snow on the ground. From what I know, Bowling Green can swing it. They are going to be aggressive inside and outside of the zone. I think we have prepared ourselves well enough to make this MAC season a very competitive one. All of the MAC schools have had their share of games against nationally ranked programs so all of the records may be a little skewed. It is going to be a battle this year and we are up to that challenge.

My Bowling Green Background:

My freshman year, I started and we beat the Falcons, 6-5. The Falcons started Sr. Burke Badenhop, who is currently on the Florida Marlins pitching staff. Last season Burke had a 7-4 record with a 3.75 ERA. Not to mention the Falcons clean-up hitter is the starting left fielder for the Baltimore Orioles, Nolan Reimold. Reimold is said to be one of the American League East "sleepers". ESPN calls him a "sleeper". Come on, his first career home run came off of Yankee closer Mariano Rivera. He's the real deal. In 2005 the MAC had its fair share of MLB prospects. It is pretty cool seeing the guys who I have played against now in the Big Leagues.

This summer I had the opportunity to coach Jordan Hershiser, son of Bowling Green alum and former MLB pitcher Orel Hershiser. Jordan is a 6'8" right-handed pitcher at the University of Southern California. When Orel came to watch Jordan pitch this summer he approached me in the coaches office and ask if we had any MAC kids on the team. I nodded my head and said myself. Him and I then had a ten-minute conversation on how players in the MAC always get overlooked and under-evaluated. He did most of the talking. I figured he may know a little more on that topic than myself. I threw in my five cents though. He also took time to work with each one of our pitchers during his four-day stay. Orel was just a normal guy, a dad. A dad who has the MLB record for consecutive scoreless innings with 59. That same year he led the league in wins (23), innings (267), and complete games (15). He won his first Gold Glove and was the unanimous selection for the Cy Young Award.

Now to the fun part ...

David Reynolds and I have become pretty good friends throughout our college careers. We have been roommates for the past two years and now I want everyone to get to know David on a little more personal basis. As scary as that may seem to some of you, he's harmless. Literally!

AIM IM with drbball13 3/26/10 9:21 AM:

Brian: David . . . sorry to wake ya

David: good morning to you

Brian: but I felt that Can O' Corn #11 should Spotlight yourself. . ..
rise and shine my man
How do you feel you, as an individual, are performing this year

David: as an individual you can always improve on something on your game. now mac play is starting i feel like i can step my game up a little bit to help us get the team where we want to be

David: who do you think would win in the octagon, lesner or oates?

Brian: Lesner, where did that come from? I'm askin the questions hear. . . .

David: i thought i would change it up a little bit here
does oates have a shot?

Brian: Hmmm. .. . how did it feel opening up the Ralph on WED for the last time?
and Oates has no shot!

David: it felt great to finally be at the ralph. having our fans there being able to sleep in our beds, and feeling that cold and wind was great

Brian: I couldn't help but notice that you changed your walkout this year. . . Why don't you tell me what was behind the change?

David: i changed it because of my favorite chicago white sox gordon beckham
i feel that we play the same way and we both get the chicks
you know what i mean?

Brian: ha . . . smooth - is your facebook pic still of you and Beckham at CamelBack that I took last year?

David: no it will be though when the season starts back up
i should probably tag him in that picture

Brian: Are you and Beckham facebook friends>

David: oh yeah
we go way back

Brian: You are one of those crazy fans that Facebook creeps on all the young guys in the bigs .

David: no no Gordo and I are friends so it's really not being a creep
we took a picture together, we're buddies

Brian: oh thats right. . . I forgot . . ok . . Rapid Fire questions . .
Tebow or LeFevour?

David: LeFevour
best qb in the nation

Brian: Oreos - Single or Double Stuff

David: double stuff no doubt

Brian: Sox or Cubs

David: come on

Brian: Larry English or G-Wolfe

David: that's a tie they were both fun to watch here at NIU
I would not want to be a qb when larry is on the other side but i wouldnt want to be on defense because g wolfe would break my ankles

Brian: Jay Z or Chris Brown (not Asst. Womans Soccer coach)

David: Bri you know i don't listen to those guys

Brian: Ahhhhhh Brad Paisley or Jake Owen?

David: Jake Owen
Brad has some weird songs these days

Brian: GaGa or Shakira?

David: Shakira, her hips don't lie

Brian: I like it Reyn . .

David: Yup I know you do

Brian: Where would you go if you had a time machine?

David: Back to 05

Brian: Sox - Champs
I got you

David: Don't Stop Believing Smith

Brian: What song would you like to perform in front of our fans on Senior day? Because I'm pushin for a Senior American Idol to close out our career at the Ralph

David: You know I rock out to chumbawamba, i get knocked down
what would you pcik?

Brian: You would sing "Tubthumpin" . . I love it
I'd prolly sing . . . .this is tough, you know how I feel about my Karaoke Reyn

David: The Ralph would be bumpin
Oh you can jam to anything

Brian: It would have to be "I Keep Forgettin" by Michael McDonald or Timberland & Justin Timberlake's new hit "Carry Out"

David: what are the chances the sox and the hawks win it all this year?
ahh you love that "Carry Out" song. I see you try to pick up my girlfriend by singing that song to her

Brian: You know i'm not a big hockey guy . . But if I have too . . . Sox go 81-81 and miss the playoffs by 1 game to Detriot. . And the Hawks have no shot - I heard they lost by 6 last night . . Brutal

David: yeah they forgot the put a goalie in net, it happens to everyone
but i say it's a great chance they both win it all

Brian: Alright Reyn one more question . Bottom of the Ninth, you are winning by 1. Rollins, Utley, Howard, Werth, Ibanez from the Phillies are up Who are you giving the ball to? Any single person in the league, and why?

David: Easy, David Reynolds. He has a curveball that will buckle each one of them.

Brian: As long as you didn't say Jenks - I'll accept it. . .
Thanks David - go get some lunch downstairs . . I'll see you on the bus...
Unless you wanna say something before I cut you off?

David: Thanks for having me on. I'll see you all out at the Ralph next weekend. Go Dogs!

Brian: Dan LeFevour is on First Take . . . When do we get our shot?

David: is he really?

Brian: yeah . . . .
Jay Crawford is a Bowling Green Alum - we are MAC guys . . . we gotta get on there

David: soon we'll get on there soon brian
keep up with this blog and they would love you

Brian: Good Point.....

David: ill see you at lunch

First Pitch is at 3pm ET so get your GameTracker fired up!


~ I would also like to wish the NIU Gymnastics team GOOD LUCK. They are competing this weekend in the MAC Tournament at Bowling Green. We are going to do our best to get over to support them after our game on Saturday. Those girls have been very supportive of our program for the past few years and it only serves us right to give back and support them.

Huskies Supporting Huskies at its finest!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns for Brian, please e-mail Baseball SID Zach Peters (



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