Northern Illinois 87, Aurora 70 (EXHIBITION)

GO HUSKIES NIU head men's basketball coach Ricardo Patton made his debut on Friday night against Aurora.
NIU head men's basketball coach Ricardo Patton made his debut on Friday night against Aurora.

Nov. 2, 2007

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Northern Illinois 87, Aurora 70 (EXHIBITION)

Post Game Quotes


NIU Convocation Center

Head Coach Ricardo Patton

On team's defensive effort

"I felt the effort defensively was there. I know that we gave up some penetration here and there, but overall I thought the effort was really good. I saw some pretty good intensity, and I did see some "blow byes" that kind of disturbed me. But I thought overall the defense was adequate."

On what he learned about the team tonight:

"I felt that we played really well together for our first game. I know there were some guys like Bristan Kelley that had minimal minutes who did a very fine job for the little amount of time they were on the floor.

On the overall efforts for the team's newcomers this season:

"It is a work in progress. Mike Hart is a guy that has to get some game time in and as many reps as we can so he can be a quick study."

On Aurora's three point success during the game, was it a concern?:

"You can't help off on the guys that can hit the three every time they are left alone. One thing that we did not want to do was exchange twos for threes and that happened quite a bit tonight because we would stop their penetration and then they would kick it out to the player left open and it seemed like they couldn't miss every time they did that."

On the win:

"You never want to apologize for a win no matter what way you get it. Aurora was a very good shooting team and they did a nice job, they are well coached, they have played games like this before. Our veteran guys did a nice job tonight for us."

On the crowd:

"I was happy to see a good turnout tonight. We wanted them to leave knowing that this is a new team and we're looking to do some great things this year and we are working extremely hard."



NIU junior guard Jarvis Nichols

"Tonight's win felt good. Coach Patton gives us a lot of freedom on offense. We played pretty well on defense, but we did give up a lot of threes. Aurora is a good shooting team. We will run the ball a lot this year and that will boost our offensive progress."

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