The Dawg Days Of Summer With NIU Men's Basketball Sophomore Zach Pancratz


July 26, 2005

Just as quickly as it arrived, Summer 2005 is rapidly fading into what should be yet another exciting school year in Huskie Country. had a chance to catch up with sophomore guard Zach Pancratz to find out about his summer in DeKalb.

Q: Did you have a chance for a vacation or weekend get-a-way this summer?

A: “I did get a chance to go up to my friend’s cabin during the Fourth of July weekend. We jet-skied and water-skied. It was a good time.”

Q: Outside of basketball and class, what are some of your favorite summer activities?

A: “It’s just a lot of fun hanging out with the team, regardless of what we do. We did just get a pool at my house, so I will go over there with some friends and go swimming whenever I get a chance.”

Q: Summer is traditionally a terrific time for catching a movie and this summer wasn’t void of its blockbusters. Have you seen a movie this summer or are there any you would like to see?

A: “I haven’t seen a movie yet. I guess the last movie I saw was Coach Carter. I have heard some great things about Cinderella Man. I would like to go see that.”

Q: How is summer school going?

A: “It’s going pretty well. It’s great to get some classes out of the way during the summer. The main part of summer school for me is being in town, working out with my teammates. You’ve got to take full advantage of this opportunity and our guys are.”

Q: Entering the off-season, what did you feel like you needed to improve upon before the start of the 2005-06 season? And what have you done to improve in that area?

A: “I’ve focused on becoming a more complete player. Last season, I was more of a standstill shooter, which I have never been before. I have come to the gym as much as possible to work on my ball-handling to help me take the ball to the hoop. I have also been playing as much pick-up basketball as possible.”

Q: Chances are your family is going to read this or at least hear about it, so outside of money, what do they need to send you?

A: “Send me some food. I am eating too much fast food and I am tired of it. I could go for a big steak with some mashed potatoes on the side. There’s nothing better than a home-cooked meal.”

Q: Obviously the team is getting plenty of court time during open gyms and workouts, who is standing out in your mind thus far?

A: “I’d say Ryan Paradise. People tend to forget about Ryan since he was hurt last year, but he’s impressed me. I knew what kind of a player he was coming in. He dropped 30 points on us in high school, but he’s worked hard during workouts and in open-gyms and he’s starting to come on and get his feel back.”



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