NIU Men's Basketball Welcomes Students Back To Campus, Help With Annual Move-In Day



Aug. 19, 2004

NIU Men's Basketball Welcomes Students Back To Campus, Help With Annual Move-In Day

DEKALB, IL - Several newly arriving Northern Illinois University students didn't have to worry about renting dollies to move into their residence halls on Thursday. Typically one of the busiest periods prior to the start of the fall semester, Move-In Day 2004 was a "lay-up" for a number of those fresh Huskie faces, as members of the 2004-05 NIU men's basketball team helped their fellow students get adjusted to their new home in DeKalb.

During a frantic period in which 5,000 students were expected to embark on the Northern Illinois campus, James Hughes, Anthony Maestranzi and Paige Paulsen all lent helping hands to new and returning students in front of the Lincoln Residence Hall at 9 a.m. on Thursday, the first day the residence halls allowed students to move in.

"It was kind of hectic," Maestranzi said. "So many students were all moving in at once and some people had a ton of boxes, so they were happy to see us come around and help them out. We had the chance to meet quite a few freshmen and hopefully make some new fans for next season."

While the opportunity to meet a number of new students was the highlight of the experience that socialization came at a cost, as the Huskies lugged everything from suitcases, boxes, computers and large televisions up the narrow Lincoln Hall staircases.

"They don't have elevators over at Lincoln (Hall), so we were using the stairs on every trip," Maestranzi said. "That's not a big deal, but it got tough to maneuver some of those big TV's and computers … we were a little tired by the end of it."

In addition to helping students get adjusted to their first day at college, the service also helped the new Huskies identify with a young NIU basketball squad, made up primarily of players in either their first or second year of eligibility with the program. Entering the 2004-05 season, NIU has 11-of-13 players fitting that description including Paulsen, who made the difficult transition into collegiate life just one year ago.

"The adjustment to college becomes easier as you meet more people," Paulsen said. "This was a good opportunity to greet the incoming freshmen and make Move-In Day a little easier on some of them. It also helps them identify with our team when the season comes around. These are the same people we hope to see at our games this season."


Junior point guard Anthony Maestranzi carries a computer into Lincoln Hall.

Sophomore center James Hughes (left) with junior point guard Anthony Maestranzi (right) carry a trunk up the Lincoln Hall stairway.


Paige Paulsen (near), James Hughes (back left) Anthony Maestranzi (back right) carry items from the Recreational Center parking lot into Lincoln hall.

Sophomore forward Paige Paulsen.

Sophomore forward Paige Paulsen prepares for another trip into Lincoln Hall..

James Hughes.

Anthony Maestranzi (left), Paige Paulsen (center) and a parent of a new NIU student (right).

Hughes (center) gets moving instructions from current assistant coach Donald Whiteside (red hat).




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