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August 31, 2005

Northern Illinois Men’s Basketball Making Most Of New NCAA Ruling

DeKalb, IL – Preseason men’s basketball workouts will get a unique twist this season as the adoption of NCAA By-Law 17.5.6, termed Out-of-Season Athletically Related Activities, affects the way Northern Illinois and all NCAA basketball programs can spend their workout time each week in preparation for the upcoming season.

Teams will still be allowed to schedule a maximum of eight hours of workout activities each week, with a maximum of two hours being devoted to skill instruction. The other six hours of activity is typically designated for strength and conditioning purposes.

The new twist on the two hours of skill instruction will allow coaches to workout with the entire team instead of the previously mandated number of four student-athletes per workout. If coaches choose, workouts may now include the entire roster of student-athletes, allowing for organized practices to technically begin August 1, 2005.

“One aspect of this new rule will allow us to begin building on our team concept early on in the academic year,” head coach Rob Judson said. “We will still use one hour a week for individual skill instruction, but we will use that second hour for team workouts and drills. We will continue to use the remaining six hours for strength and conditioning purposes.”

Northern Illinois men’s basketball held its first “team” instruction period on Tuesday (Aug. 30), with all 13 Huskies participating. In addition to skill instruction, the team focused on the defensive aspects of the game.



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