Red Riot Wal-Mart Winners



Throughout the men's and women's basketball season Red Riot members will have the opportunity to win giftcards from Wal-Mart! The chances of winning are solely based on the Red Riot member's attendance at the games. At a selected time-out of each men's and women's basketball game while students are in session, a name will be randomly chosen from the Red Riot database. That member will be given until the end of the time-out to get to the promotions representative and claim their prize. Giftcard values will vary in size throughout the season.

If a Red Riot member is caught not attending the game, their names will be added to the list of "Could Have Been Wal-Mart Winners"; displayed on the NIU Athletics webpage, Red Riot webpage, in a weekly advertisement in the Northern Star, and in the Dekalb Wal-Mart. Likewise, Wal-Mart Winners will be posted to show their allegiance to the Huskies.

If you're a Northern Illinois University student and want to get into the Red Riot and have the opportunity to be a Wal-Mart Winner, go to the Red Riot link on the Athletics webpage; . Membership is free and includes a t-shirt, opportunities to win prizes at men's and women's basketball games, and get invitations to Red Riot parties.

We Have Wal-Mart Winners!!!
$100 - Dan Pammer (January 23)
$50 - Justin Kuryliw (January 30)

Could Have Been Wal-Mart Winners:
November 9 Women's Basketball vs. Bradley - Megan Butzke
November 15 Women's Basketball vs. Western Illinois - David Nietzold
December 1 Men's Basketball vs. Lamar - Tim Lydon
December 4 - Kyle Rogner
January 15 - Brian Bisso
January 16 - Zach Liston
January 22 - Mike Murphy
January 31 - Mike Junius
February 2 - Matt McDonough



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