Another Day In Paradise - December 20



Dec. 20, 2007

  Not a lot has changed with me personally since my last entry. I'm continuing to let my nose heal from the surgery, but I am starting to rehab my body. I have started lifting and doing some cardio work to try and get back into some type of shape after such a long layoff. I am scheduled to return to the doctor on January 3rd to see how things have been healing.


  We played really well at Loyola last Saturday, but couldn't quite finish them off. Since then, we have had a few really good practices and are very excited to take on Green Bay this weekend. They should be a real good test for us because they are very similar to teams that we will play this year in the Mid-American Conference.


  So far over the break, we have had a lot of time to rest (outside of practice that is) and hang out with teammates. We are going out to eat and going bowling tonight as a team (that could get ugly). Also, with our free time, Egan Grafel, Ben Rand, and I have started a little band in our living room to pass the time on Rock Band the video game. Jarvis Nichols, Mike Patton, and Najul Ervin have also started a band so keep your eyes and ears out for an upcoming Battle of the Bands.




  Merry Christmas and until next time:


  Ryan Paradise #10


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