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Entry #5-6 - 5/19/08
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Gates To China

Associate Head Coach Dennis Gates details his tour of China as an assistant coach for Reach USA

Entry #5


Fuling, China

Game#1 (L) 67-66

Jiang Jin, China Game#2 (T) 76-76
Rong Chang, China Game#3 (L) 94-86
Bi Shan, China Game#4 (L) 75-73
Nan Chuan, China Game#5 (W) 89-76

Player Stats (5 GAMES)
X.SILAS - 14 ppg. 7.4 rpg., 1.4 apg., 1.4 spg.
D.MCCAMEY - 10 ppg., 7.8 apg., 4.6 rpg., 2.0 spg.
E.BAILEY - 9ppg 6.6rpg 0.8bpg 0.6apg
J.BEAL - 9ppg 3apg 2.4rpg 1.8spg
N.EVANS - 8.8ppg 5.2rpg 0.6apg 0.4spg
M.SANCHEZ - 8.2ppg 7rpg 1spg
T.WARE - 6ppg 1rpg 0.6apg 0.6spg
M.DAVIS - 5.2ppg 5.2rpg 1.4apg 1.2spg
Z.SWANSEY - 5ppg 1.8spg 1.2rpg 1.2apg

Entry #6

We are currently on our way to the Chongqing Airport. Our 5 p.m. flight is heading to Xian, China.

Today at the baggage check-in we participated in a national moment of silence for the fallen victims of the Wenchuan Earthquake with all the flags at half mast.

From Xian we were heading to Yuncheng for our sixth game. However and with much understanding, the game has been cancelled. The Peoples Republic of China issued a three-day mourning period, resulting from the thousands of individuals who have either lost their lives or remain missing from the tragic earthquake on May 12.

The mass destruction of this earthquake and its 30-plus aftershocks are currently impacting China the same way Hurricane Katrina impacted the United States.

Again I send my condolences.

Speaking of aftershocks, we felt another earthquake late Saturday night/early Sunday morning at 1 a.m. while in the city of Bi Shan. I almost had another college episode.

We originally planned to visit the Great Wall of China as well as the Terra Cotta Warriors. Trips are still pending based on the mourning period.

For those who have never heard of the Terra Cotta Warriors, I suggest you do a little research. From what I know, during the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC), Emperor Qin Shi Huang ordered workers to build life-size warriors and horses. It is said that the Terra Cotta Army was built as a way of creating an illusion of strength and manpower. Approaching enemies would see this army and quickly turn away. Another myth states that Emperor Qin had the Terra Cotta Army built to protect him in his after life.

Reporting live from China your correspondent,

Dennis Gates

P.S. - I've all ways wanted to say that!

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