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Jan. 2, 2013

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THE MODERATOR: Jordan, start off by explaining by what you can take from this experience of playing in the Discover Orange Bowl.

Jordan Lynch: Right. All the credit goes to Florida State. We came out and we had a good game plan, and they had a good game plan, too. They're well coached. Their defense is the best defense we've faced all year, and just going into we stuck around with them for a little bit, and we competed with them and we played hard. We had a lot of young guys on our team, and I feel like we can carry this over until next year. It's just a learning experience.

We really wanted to send our seniors out the right way and that didn't happen, but we had a great season this year. None of this was even possible, no one was even thinking about this, a MAC school making a BCS bowl. I still want to say that we made our schools proud and we made the MAC conference proud.

Question: Jordan, you got the touchdown early in the third, you're within seven, you got the onside kick, things are rolling. When you look back on it, what went wrong?

Jordan Lynch: I was trying to throw it low and away, I missed it inside. Whoever picked it made a nice play. I should have realized that it probably wasn't the smartest thing to force a ball there, just take the three points, and we still would have been in the game. But I forced a turnover and they ended up capitalizing on that position.

Question: You made some comments last week that got a lot of publicity. Just your thoughts on making those comments now.

Rod Carey: I'm going to take that one, okay? Those were taken out of context, okay, and that's not right. He didn't say that, and I want to say I've been waiting until after the game to say that. That was taken out and everybody made a big deal out of it. I was there. I was at the interview. He did not make those comments.

Question: Jordan, in terms of tonight, just your thoughts on that, and also regarding playing, just what was it about Florida State that impressed you the most?

Jordan Lynch: Yeah, they were fast, physical and well coached. Definitely the best defense we've played all year. They were always in the right spot at the right time it seemed like, and they played they just were hungry out there. They got after it, and all the respect goes to them.

Question: Big picture, you guys have now made a BCS bowl. What's the next step for this program?

Rod Carey: Yeah, not a good time to ask me that question.

Question: Just to clarify if I could, you said the quotes were taken out of context or they were incorrect quotes?

Rod Carey: Both.

Question: Can we put them in context now?

Rod Carey: No, we don't need to rehash it. It's done. It's over with. The game is done and everything is done. It was a guy trying to get an article, sell papers, and that's what he did and it's fine. It's not a big deal anymore. We're not answering any more questions about it.

Question: Jordan, it wasn't typical; a lot of games came a lot easier to you this year, and it seemed like whatever you tried, especially their front, they had an answer for it. How frustrating was it for you particularly with some of the hits you had to take when you were trying to go even up the middle, some of the bread and butter stuff you guys run and it just wasn't working against their size?

Jordan Lynch: Yeah, it got frustrating at times. We tried to keep our composure and we had a lot of good stuff. We didn't execute at times, myself, I missed a lot of throws out there that would have helped our O line out. There's a reason they're the top five defense in the nation. All the respect goes to them.

Question: Sean, I just wanted to get your take on facing Florida State's offense. What did you think of it and what was the toughest play to play against in?

Sean Progar: They came out and did what we expected them to do. They ran a lot of stretch and power. They got a few big plays on us, and any time you give up big plays against a team like Florida State it's going to hurt you. They out executed us at certain times in the game, and I think that was the biggest thing.

Question: How do you balance the disappointment of this game with the type of season that you did have and accomplishments you guys made?

Rod Carey: Well, talk to me tomorrow and I'm sure I'll have it in better balance. I hate to lose, and I know these guys, too. I told you when we first all talked when I got the job I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I'm upset. I give them a lot of credit. Florida State is a great team and Jimbo does a great job. They are a well coached, well oiled machine. They beat us, no doubt about it. That doesn't change the fact that I don't like to lose.

Question: Did you change a lot of things up at the half, or was the third quarter just simply a matter of settling in and just executing better than you did in the first half?

Rod Carey: Yeah, kids got their feet under them. We made some adjustments. We had to. We didn't do anything first half offensively. You know, just let our play makers make plays, and that's what got us back in the game. We had a chance.

Question: Can you just talk about the onside kick, the fake punt, just the mentality going into this game willing to try anything?

Rod Carey: Yeah, play to win, you know, that's what you've got to do. I think it fits. Coach Fitzgerald up at Northwestern said it about three or four years ago, he got all that criticism over that fake field goal in double overtime. He was playing to win. We're playing to win, and we saw some things, we knew we had it, and gosh darn it, kids executed it, and we were right there to do it.

Question: Did you feel like in the game you kind of missed a couple opportunities, you guys got that onside kick and then had a turnover and do you feel like you had some points you could have put up on the board?

Rod Carey: Yep. We made some plays, too, and we didn't make enough of them. That was the hard part. Games like this always come down to running the football and stopping the run, and we could not run the football well enough, and so we went to throwing it, and yeah, we missed some throws we threw it pretty well and got ourselves going with some special teams and defense. That turnover, yeah, but then after that turnover we had other shots in the game. That wasn't the defining moment. But we certainly missed opportunities.

Question: You said you knew you had it. Were you talking about the fake punt or about the onside kick?

Rod Carey: Both.



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