2010 International Post Game Quotes



Jan. 5, 2010

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University of South Florida Quotes

Head Coach Jim Leavitt

Opening Remarks

"First of all, I'm not saying this because I have to, but the people in Toronto and with the International Bowl were as hospitable as I've ever been around. Thanks to the organizers for allowing us to come here. We really appreciate the opportunity, the people are great and Toronto is great city."

On the play of Northern Illinois

"As far as the game goes, I thought Northern Illinois did an outstanding job. Jerry (Kill) is a tremendous coach. I know how hard Jerry works. I've known him for a while and I know he's a work ethic guy. I thought they did a great job defensively against our offense. They put a lot of pressure on B.J. Daniels and we were not handling those things real well."

On the changes made at halftime

"In the end they're a good football team, but our defense played extremely well to keep us in it up to half time. I thought it was extraordinary the way our whole team changed at half time. Especially offense because B.J. (Daniels) was just telling me we only had about 40 yards in the first half for offense, which is not very good, and something like 360 in the second half, which is unbelievable."

"At half time I really wanted to take some of the pressure off our offensive line and B.J. Daniels. If we're sitting there throwing all day, we've got to have some balance somewhere. They were doing some pretty good jobs so we really needed to put the ball in Mike Ford's hands similar to what we did against UConn and see if we could take some pressure off of B.J. and the offensive line."

Mike Ford, Running Back

On the changed the offense made in the second half

"We came out in the second half and dominated. In the first half we didn't play sound football. Coach (Leavitt) said we were going to run the ball with all three backs, me, (Lindsey) Lamar and Moise (Plancher) and do what we do best--run the ball. "



B.J. Daniels, Quarterback

On the changed the offense made in the second half

"Coach (Leavitt) came in and said were going to put the ball in Mike (Ford's) hands and run the ball and power and do the same game plan we did versus UConn. It gave us great balance and really sparked our offense and defense and getting our momentum back."

Jason Pierre-Paul Defensive Tackle

On the week in Toronto

"It all started all week at practice. We had fun in Toronto, but practice really set it off. We practiced hard and we went out and made plays on offense with one-on-ones and practiced hard and it all executed into the game."

On choosing South Florida over other schools for his junior year

"Everyone knows I came from junior college, Coach Leavitt recruited me and I had a big decision to make: go to USF, or stay at junior college for another eleven months and go wherever I wanted. But Coach Leavitt stayed by my side and I came here (USF). Nobody knew who I was but I left it on the field."

Northern Illinois University Quotes

Head Coach Jerry Kill

Opening Remarks

"First of all, I want to thank everybody associated with the International Bowl in Toronto. It was a tremendous event. I know our youngsters got a great education here and had a great time and experience. We're a very young football team and I think this is a tremendous bowl game for us to be in. It's going to help us down the road and again I just can't thank people enough for what they've done for us and the hospitality we've had here."

On the play of his seniors

"Our kids played very hard in the first half and I think just momentum got away from us and we got worn down a bit. I'm very proud of our seniors. They accomplished a lot since they have been in the program. They've gone through some tough times and some good times. I think it's the only team to go through three bowl games. I'm very proud of them and wish them luck. We'll keep moving forward and building the program."

On the play of his defense

"I thought we played tremendous defense today, certainly in the first half, but offensively we sputtered a bit in the second half. We got worn down by a big back like (Mike Ford) can do that to you and that just happens. But I think it had more to do with not keeping the ball and being on the field as an offense and having our defense out there too much."

Brandon Bice, Defensive End

On containing B.J. Daniels in the second half

"(Daniels) was a big focus of ours coming into the game. First half, we did a good job (of containing him), but in the second half South Florida had the ball more and we got a little tired and he got out a couple of times."

On finishing your career in two consecutive bowl games

"The program is headed in the right direction since coach Kill's staff came in. We're excited to come along and follow the Huskies."

Chad Spann, Running Back

On the speed of South Florida defense

"They were tremendously fast. We have been trying to preach all week to get everything north and south because they are very fast east and west. As plays broke down and you thought the bounce would be there, there would be a guy ready to swallow up the ball. It is very hard to practice against speed."

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