Northern Illinois 31, Temple 17 Post Game Quotes



Oct. 9, 2010


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Northern Illinois 31, Temple 17

Brigham Field | Huskie Stadium

DeKalb, Ill.

October 9, 2010



NIU Head Coach Jerry Kill


Coach Kill on Harnish:

 “If you have good quarterback play, you’ve got a chance.  We’re getting tremendous quarterback play by Chandler Harnish.  It’s been unbelievable what the kid’s doing, and the team is responding to him.  It’s fun to see.”


Coach Kill on the defense at half time:

 “The great thing about the defensive kids is they keep fighting back, and they don’t get down.  They’ve done a great job on the sideline.  We said the game would come down to this.  When we left the locker room, I said, ‘Defense has to step up and get some stops.’  And offensively, I’ve said all along, you have to score 30 and we’ll win.  We got 31, and the defense got some stops.”


Coach Kill on use of personnel:

 “We use our personnel.  We had two quarterbacks on the field at one time, and had Chandler on the bench.  We tried to keep them off-balanced with personnel packages, because as you can tell, physically on defense, they have some big kids, so we felt we had to not let them get locked in on us.”


Coach Kill on the game:

 “It was just a great game, two good football teams slugging it out -- can’t get any better than that.”


Coach Kill on the game:

 “It was a great day for these kids, they played hard.  They’re doing what we ask them to do.  We have room for improvement.  We made some mental errors and some things we overcame.  I think that had a lot to do with the kids’ mental toughness and [their ability to come] back off adversity has gotten better.”


NIU Running Back Chad Spann


On getting over opening the game with a fumble:

“It was kind of hard coming out. We stressed all week that they were going to strip the ball. That first play they came out and Coach Kill brought me out to the sidelines and said just forget about it and go on to the next play. All the running backs really just stepped it up and we continued pounding it and we had a good day I think.”


NIU Quarterback Chandler Harnish


On what his roll out ability does for the offense:

“I think it gives me the dual threat to either run or pass. The wide receivers usually have three or four guys on the route and that’s pretty tough to defend. They did a great job catching the ball all day. The guys up front did a great job at giving me that time to make those plays.”


On practicing third down execution:

“It’s tough. I think the way we practice, with the level of intensity we practice at, it makes it easy on game day; I really believe that. We came out and we executed; simple as that.”


On being in a groove:

“These last few weeks I’ve been feeling like I’m in a groove. Coach [Matt] Limegrover and Coach [Jim] Zebrowski did a good job at putting us in great situations. The play calling was so unpredictable that I think they were on their toes all day. That just makes our job easier.”


NIU Wide Receiver Willie Clark


On Chandler’s performance:

“I’m sure as a quarterback, you just feel more comfortable when you have that kind of depth in your wide receivers and you have eight or nine different guys that you can go to that you know are going to go down to the ball. He’s been doing that for the last couple of weeks and we’ve been putting points on the board.”


NIU Linebacker Alex Kube


On proving something today:

“They’ve had their expectations of us, just like everybody else. We know we’re good, but the thing is we just need to keep getting better. That’s the one thing, and that’s all we want to do is keep getting better. We don’t care who the next opponent is, we just want to keep getting better.”


Temple Head Coach Al Golden


Coach Golden opening statement…

 “They were better than us, they were tougher. They made plays when they had to, they played with more discipline, and they played smarter.”


Coach Golden on Temple’s defense against NIU quarterback Chandler Harnish...

 “He threw 20 for 25. The guy was spectacular today and the credit goes to him. No matter what we did, he ran the ball and he threw the ball well. He made a big difference in the game. We had to pull up on him a little bit quicker. We didn’t have anyone in his face so he was hitting guys on crosses. We had some mistakes there on the quick pitch on the flat and the kid didn’t miss. If a guy is not going to miss those throws you have to contest him. We never contested him, or the receivers, and we never really put any pressure on their quarterback.”


Coach Golden on the Northern Illinois team…

“We knew they were a good team coming in. Obviously they held the power of possession and they did great on third downs.  Their quarterback threw the ball exceptionally well. They don’t get many penalties, they don’t beat themselves, and they have a solid kicking game. So, we better learn from this, and get ourselves in gear.”


Coach Golden on Temple’s defense against Northern Illinois…

“We never stopped them. There can’t be a momentum shift if you’re not stopping the other team. The reality of it was we never stopped them. If you can’t play defense, you can’t win this game on the road. It’s as simple as that.”


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