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Oct. 11, 2008

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Miami (OH) vs. Northern Illinois University

October 11, 2008

NIU 17, Miami (OH) 13

NIU Coach Jerry Kill Game Quotes

General statement about game

"More than anything, my players showed a tremendous amount of courage out on the field today. Chandler Harnish (Fr. QB) set a good example for the team as he exhibited a great deal of courage to battle through his leg injury and lead the offense. Despite only taking limited repetitions in practice, he performed extremely well."

"We also had some defensive personnel fight through some bumps and bruises and step up today."

"Football teams need hard-fought close wins like ours today. These type of games are hard to win, but if you do they can certainly boost team morale."

On getting back to .500

"Overall, we've definitely played hard all six games. As a team, we don't talk about wins only improvement. If a team is consistent, good things will happen--like winning close games as we did today. Me'co Brown's (Fr. RB) performance today, especially in the second half, is a great example of the type of consistency we would like to have as a team."

On the performance of the NIU defense

"Bottom line, we were successful in running the ball and stopping the run. This is probably the key to success in football."

"Regarding Miami's punt return for a touchdown, it was a coaching error on my part. I should have not called for the rugby kick and instead tried to take advantage of the wind to our back."

On the performance of the NIU offense

"From a coaching standpoint, you never complain about a win--whether winning by two or 62. However, our offense has to start converting on third down to avoid the pressure fourth down and short puts on the players."

"Our quarterback platoon gave a remarkable effort today. Pat Poore (QB coach) has done a fantastic job with out quarterbacks. His efforts are probably among the best I have seen in my career."



On team intensity

"No doubt the players are a little physically spent considering the tremendous effort they gave last week against Tennessee. Today they gave as much as they could, but team fatigue showed a little bit before half when we dropped a 10-point lead."

"After a hard-fought Tennessee game, we did a great job of maintaining a high intensity level in practice, and it paid off today."

NIU Player Quotes

Linebacker Josh Allen

On last play

"We were playing Cover 2. I just jammed out and rolled back underneath and made a play on the ball. It felt great, so relieving. It just wasn't me making the last play, it was a total defensive effort from the pass rush to the secondary."

On the win

"We played and fought all game. We never got down on each other."

On finishing the game

"The finish proved a point for the entire team. We can make the play when it's the time. It builds confidence knowing we can make that big play. As a defense, we wanted the opportunity to step up and make plays. I'm sure the offense wants that chance too, but we (defense) got it and wanted to make the most of it."

On the crowd

"It's great knowing that we have all of that support. Looking at the sideline seeing your teammates jumping up and down waving towels around, and seeing the crowd go crazy gives the defense extra energy."

Running Back Me'co Brown

On the game

"We kept playing. We kept believing the entire game. We didn't get down. I was on my knees, catching the chills, just praying we would get a win."

Quarterback Chandler Harnish

On coming back from injury

"I was prepared coming in. I had reps in practice, but not too many. The coaches needed to get Grady ready to play, so I didn't mind too much. It took a couple of series for me to settle down. Coming back in, I had those butterflies again. It's different not starting. Grady has been doing a great job for us and the team supported him. I just went out there and did what the coaches asked."

On Me'co Brown

"He was huge for us today. The offensive line did a great job making holes for him. He made huge runs all day. He was just being Me'co Brown playing football. I didn't have to do a whole lot in that series when he was running all over."

On the win

"It's definitely a huge win for us. It came down to the last play on a fourth down, doesn't get any better than that. We are learning to finish games and win. If we keep doing that, the sky is the limit for this team."

Post Game Visitor Quotes

Head Coach Shane Montgomery

On Northern Illinois University

"Give Northern Illinois a lot of credit, they have been playing really good football. They are one of those teams that their record is not real indicative to the type of team they are, playing against Minnesota, a game they could have easily won, and going with Tennessee last week, we knew it was going to be a tough game."

On Miami

"I am really proud of the way our guys played throughout falling behind 10-0. It was the sixth straight game we fell behind 10-0 early. We made a good charge to get the game tied at halftime, and a big drive in the middle of the third quarter. NIU answered and we could not get the game winner."

Offensive Woes

"We are not scoring enough offensively. We moved the ball at times all day. When you cannot make enough big plays, it is hard to have 14- and 15-play drives without shooting yourselves in the foot."

On the last drive/4th down conversions

"I would have felt bad if we wouldn't of got the ball back, but at the same time I knew that they weren't in field goal range. They would need a first down to get into field goal range. The big play was the screen pass that Andre Bratton talked about; instead of having a first and 10 inside the 20, we had a first and 18."

Andre Bratton

Slow starts and confidence at halftime

"I felt us tying the game at halftime helped us because it gave us more confidence in ourselves. The last couple of games, we have been finishing better than we have started. I am not really sure, we are trying to get out of this first half slump, maybe a lack of confidence in ourselves at the start of the games."

On NIU defense

"We expected a lot of cover two and the linebackers flying around. Their defense is definitely a good defense and we had chance to take the lead. Their defense is definitely good."

Last Drive

"Good chance to score, again some penalties cost us from being in position to win the game, and that can't happen with the game on the line."

Eugene Harris

On punt return

"I knew once they had the motion, coach said it would be a line drive, I knew if I caught it I would have a chance to take it the distance."

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