Northern Illinois-Eastern Michigan Postgame Quotes



Oct. 26, 2013

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NIU vs Eastern Michigan - Oct. 26, 2013
Huskie Stadium - DeKalb, Ill.

Eastern Michigan Head Coach Ron English

On how difficult it was to deal with NIU’s fast start…

I thought they did a good job of starting off quick. They ran some formations they had not shown. I thought that that unnerved our guys a little bit.

Northern Illinois Head Coach Rod Carey

On the team’s performance…

“I’m really happy with the win, happy with the way we started both halves we came out quick and I was looking for that. It’s not about the points it’s not about how it looked like. It’s how you did those little things to create points and that’s what I was interested in seeing today and I saw it. We challenged ourselves for 60 minutes. I was really happy with the 60 minutes of football that we played today.”

On the recent loss of Eastern Michigan Wide Receiver Demarius Reed…

“Our hearts and everything goes out to Eastern Michigan. I ‘ve told you guys all week I’ve never gone thorough anything like that before so I have no point of reference for them but I do feel for them. There dealing with some things that are way bigger than this game and so my hats off to them and coach English he’s a great football coach and to get that team ready to go last week and this week I think that’s a credit to him and his coaching staff. “

On Tommylee Lewis’ Passing Touchdown to Jordan Lynch…

“Tommylee’s earned the right to pass the ball. There are some other guys like Da’Ron Brown, Angelo Sebastiano, Juwan Brescacin, the running backs and tight ends, they earned the right to have the ball in their hands and so we put it in their hands, and let them do their deal. Football isn’t that complicated, you let your good players have the football in their hands.”




NIU Player Quotes

Wide receiver Tommylee Lewis

On the success of the outside sweeps…

“All credit goes to our blocking on the outside. They opened up the holes and I just ran right through them.”

On the offense’s performance…

“We were able to do things when we needed to. It wasn’t that we could do whatever we wanted. We just reacted to what they were giving us.”

Quarterback Jordan Lynch

On the trick play in which he caught a touchdown…

“We practiced it all week. It’s fun to do something like that, to act like a receiver. Any time you bust out a trick play. It’s fun.”

On NIU’s balanced offensive attack…

“Whatever the defense gives us during the game, we’ll take. The play-action pass and the running game were working pretty well. It’s good to have an even game offensively.”

Linebacker Boomer Mays

On the defense in the first half…

“It’s how we look to start on defense. We want to go out and force a quick three-and-out to get the offense onto the field.”

On Eastern Michigan’s offensive approach…

“They have a pretty good running back in (Bronson) Hill. They tried to run on us from the start. Our defensive line got off the ball pretty well. They cleared the holes for our linebacker and safeties to step up and make a play.”



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