Northern Illinois vs. Toledo Post Game Quotes



Nov. 9, 2010

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Northern Illinois 65, Temple 30

Brigham Field | Huskie Stadium

DeKalb, Ill.

November 9, 2010



NIU Head Coach Jerry Kill


On the team's  focus entering today's game...

 "I didn't have to do a lot of motivating for this game.  With the websites, media, and all the things that go along with it, these kids all knew how important it was to win this game.  I was worried about us being too "up" for the game, that we'd come out and not execute, but that wasn't the case.  I told them to be excited about playing, but keep your head."


On scoring 65 points against Toledo...

 "We had some big plays, we've got some speed, and the kids performed well.  They were in some one on one coverage and we were able to capitalize. Games are won by players, not coaches.  We've got some pretty good players, and they're playing well."


On NIU's team chemistry as they move forward into the rest of the season...

 "I think our kids are believing in each other.  When you get a little confidence, things seem to fall into place.  I think the kids are playing with confidence right now. We've got two more weeks.  You can't listen to all the things people say, you have to keep getting better.  We still can get better.  That's the good thing, we can get a lot better."


NIU senior tailback Chad Spann


On today's win:

 "It's a tremendous feeling.  There was a lot of tradition in this game. It's a big game for both teams for our post season goals. To be able to have the showing we did and put up as many points as we did, it really feels good."


On beating Toledo with a high score after losing to them in a high-scoring game two years ago:


"I would have never thought it would happen. They always come to compete. Toledo is a great team and I think we are just really going to enjoy this win tonight."


Junior quarterback Chandler Harnish


On his performance:

 "I think it just goes to show we have a team effort. You can't focus on one player. Once you focus on me, then you will have Chad [Spann] run all over you or Akeem Daniels, as you saw tonight. The wide receivers played a great team game, and again, it's all a team effort."


On reserve wide receiver Akeem Daniels:

 "He brings just a type of speed that I don't think we've had here in a long time. To get on the edge like that I think it's just another dimension that you have to defend against us. Akeem is definitely positive for us."


On staying in a `groove' all season:

 "We're playing football right now and not putting pressure on ourselves. We are taking it one game at a time. Honestly, my coach, Jim Zebrowski, has done a great job at keeping me relaxed and humble. I just go out and play every game."


On the quarterback draw:

 "It's just something that we do and we do pretty well. The line has been doing a great job at executing the play. When you can throw the ball and run the ball at the same time it is tough to focus on any one aspect of an offense."


On picking apart Toledo's defense:

 "They were trying to bring another safety in the box to stop the run. We saw some things there where we could go deep. We missed a couple, but we also hit a couple. To stretch them out a little bit and spread them out, that's where our running game really came into effect."


Freshman wide receiver Akeem Daniels


 On his performance:

 "It was amazing. I am not going to say I didn't think it was going to happen, but I also didn't know it would happen. I'm just thankful that I'm playing with these people--the offensive line blocking for me, a great quarterback like Chandler [Harnish] and [back-up quarterback] Jordan Lynch. I have running backs like Chad [Spann] and Ricky [Crider] blocking for me, it's just an amazing thing."


Sophomore free safety Tommy Davis


On his kick return for a touchdown:

 "It had been there the whole game. It wasn't what I did--the guys up front were just doing great. I looked over to the sidelines and what really got me excited was I saw the double team had completely knocked the guy out of bounds. Once I hit the hole there was just nothing there. The hole had been there so I was excited to see it open up and I took advantage of it."


Toledo Head Coach Tim Beckman


Coach Tim Beckman opening statement...

"We got beat by a very, very good football team tonight. I think the credit needs to go to Coach Kill, his staff, and the Huskie football team. I thought they came out very aggressive and took us totally out of our game. The credit has to go to the way that they played."


On how the Huskies were able to take Toledo out of their game plan...

 "It's the game of football. We didn't tackle well on defense, and to give up 65 points in a game like this is no way to be successful. I thought offensively a couple of things that we did were successful, we did some things we needed to do, but we have to play better defense to compete at a championship level."


On Toledo's defensive effort...

 "I don't think we played very good at all on the defensive side. We gave up 334 yards on the run game, we didn't make plays, and we didn't tackle.  We didn't do the things that were necessary to stop them. I'm not going to point my fingers on the kids, it was us as a coaching staff.  We have to make sure we do better when we are in these situations."


On NIU quarterback Chandler Harnish...

 "He's a heck of a football player. His leadership amongst his team, along with the way he was able to run the football and pass the football, I thought he had a heck of a football game and it proves why NIU has been so successful on offense this year."


On prioritizing the NIU offensive attack...

 "We have to defend both [NIU quarterback Chandler Harnish and running back Chad Spann]. They're both outstanding players, quarterback and running back. I thought that Chandler did a good job getting the ball to his receivers and making plays with those guys. They kept their drives alive and kept scoring on us. The offensive line is as good as we've played against. They did an excellent job."


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