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Nov. 13, 2013

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Northern Illinois vs Ball State - Nov. 13, 2013
Huskie Stadium - DeKalb, Ill.

Ball State Head Coach Pete Lembo

Opening Remarks

Northern (Illinois) has a heck of a team and a heck of a program. I though they were really impressive tonight. We didn’t get enough stops on third down. We had them in third and long a bunch and didn’t get off the field enough. We didn’t make enough plays of our own to keep drives alive on third down or fourth and short. That was the difference in the game. You’ve got to end up with more than 27 points against these guys to have a shot to win it.

On Jordan Lynch evading sacks and keeping drives alive

Obviously, he’s a very good player. He’s fast. He’s built like a linebacker, but he’s got tailback speed. He’s got a lot of savvy. I’m looking forward to him getting his degree and moving on.

On whether or not Ball State or NIU made any second half adjustments that led to the change in the game

There weren’t any real dramatic changes. They’re not a high blitz team. I think their approach is very sound. They know they’re going to score a lot of points, so they try to keep everything in front of them defensively to really make you earn it. In an offense like ours, you’ve got to be really efficient. Eventually at some point, you throw an incompletion or you give up a tackle for loss on a run. They’re very patient defensively and I think it meshes very well with their high powered offense. 

On the number of penalties Ball State committed

I’ve got to tell you, it was loud out there. I give credit to the fans here. I thought they made it a tough environment. After that first drive, I think we got used to it. We did have an offsides on defense that was just a knucklehead play. The face mask hurt because it offset a tackle for loss.  We’ve been spoiled because we’ve only been averaging three penalties per game, and we must’ve had twice that tonight. Not that six is a really poor number, but relative, its a poor number.



QB Keith Wenning on only scoring three points in the second half

First off, lets give NIU’s defense credit. We just couldn’t keep the drives going. We’d move the ball. We’d have long drives, get on their side of the field, and the drives would just kind of stall.   I think that was the difference from the first half to the second half. It was a matter of not finishing drives and coming out with points.

Northern Illinois Head Coach Rod Carey

Opening statement…

“We had a good game; we have a lot of respect for Ball State in all three phases. They were well coached, they are a good team and it took all four quarters to beat them.

 “I was real pleased with how all three phases of our team came together and how we held them to three points in the second half. I think that was a big key to the game. Our kicking team was good, we had to settle for those field goals in the first half which I wasn’t too pleased with, but we still made them, because without those points it could have been a whole lot different first half.”

On Jordan Lynch’s for Heisman Trophy chances…

“If Jordan isn’t in the conversation for the Heisman I don’t know what people are watching, they were obviously asleep. In my estimation that trophy goes to the best player in the nation. With the performance he had tonight, we had a lot of good plays out there from everybody, but from the performance he had tonight he dang sure should be in that conversation.”

On the injuries at running back relying on Jordan more…

“We had to take the chances they gave us … they were challenging us. You can see they weren’t going to let us run and we were handing off the ball a bunch, punching it inside-outside just because they were going to let other people beat us and the pass game opens up when they play it like that. To us, I think we were just taking what they were giving us.”

On defense changes in the second half…

“We did have to make some adjustments, nothing earth shattering. It was more about playing square football with our feet and our hands and getting some vertical push. They still ran it on us a bit but we made some key stops. Overall, good adjustments and our team played really hard.

On finishing …

“We have a lot of strong players on the team but we push and we finish and we don’t finish without finishing the fight, the play is not over until the whistle blows. “

NIU Player Quotes

Jordan Lynch

On his performance tonight…

“I feel like I’m improving every week, in my passing game, my running game, some of the checks I’m making. I still think the best is yet to come for me and this team. It was a great victory tonight.”

On the 25 yard pass to Matt Williams under pressure…

“I was looking left, I wanted to go left to Tommylee (Lewis), and they kind of jumped the route, and before you know it I had a linebacker in my face, and I kind of spun off and I think he got chipped away, and Matt Williams was open downfield and threw his hand up.”

On the play where he fended a defensive lineman off his back…

“I think they were trying to strip the ball on that play, and instead of trying to wrap me up, they were trying to strip the ball and swing me around. If you watch on that play, it wasn’t just me. The wide receivers were making blocks and the offensive linemen were able to get to the second and third levels.”

George Rainey

On the goal line stop limiting them to a field goal…

“I feel like as a defense, we had 10 days to prepare, so we knew what would happen and expected what they would run. The coaches put us in good positions to make great plays, and we just took advantage of it. I feel like as a defense we did enough to win, and at the end of the game too. That’s the most important thing.”

Da’Ron Brown

On making the touchdown grab after fumbling on the prior possession…

“It felt good to come back and make a big play. The whole time my teammates were telling me to keep my head up. Jordan kept telling me that he was coming back to me. That showed me he had confidence in me. I couldn’t let the team down so I had to come back and make that play.”

On playing for a versatile offense…

“On offense you never know who’s going to make the play. You have to account for everyone on offense, and if you leave anybody uncovered it’s up to that person to make a big play.”

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