NIU Huskie Football 2014 - Spring Practice Notes

GO HUSKIES NIU offensive line coach Joe Tripodi will lead Team Black in this year's Huskie Bowl.
NIU offensive line coach Joe Tripodi will lead Team Black in this year's Huskie Bowl.

April 10, 2014

- The Northern Illinois University football team practiced outside on the turf at Huskie Stadium for the third straight time this spring. It was a bright sunny day for most of practice until the final period or two when clouds rolled in and the wind started to pick up.

- Today was the first day of practices for the 2014 Huskie Bowl (April 19, 3 p.m.). The Huskies practiced as a team for 17 periods in full pads before breaking off into their respective Cardinal and Black teams. The two teams were given three periods to practice together. The Black team stayed outside and worked out for five minutes, while Cardinal went into the Chessick Center and used the full three periods.

- As he did last week, NIU head coach Rod Carey flipped the script on the offense and defense. Looking for a little more "juice" to jump-start a lack-luster practice, Carey gave the defense three possessions with the ball and put the offense on defense. Marlon Moore took the first snap at quarterback and gained a few yards on a designed run. Perez Ford fumbled the Moore handoff on the next play as he tried running the jet sweep. Linebacker Michael Santacaterina took the third and final snap at QB and tossed up a prayer to Paris Logan. Rob Sterling, who was playing linebacker, was called for pass interference by the coaches.

- The Huskies closed out practice with two periods of team. The offense was given the ball on its own 30-yard line, down by four and with 1:35 left to play. The Huskie offense marched all the way down the field, capping the drive on a three-yard touchdown pass from Drew Hare. The second offensive possession did not go as smoothly. Anthony Maddie was sacked on the first play. After a short gain set up third and long, Maddie broke the pocket and ran for another short pick up. Another sack by the Huskie D ended the drill.



- NIU returns to the practice field Friday at 7:50 p.m. It will be the last extended scrimmage of the spring before the Huskie Bowl.


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