2013 Huskie Bowl



April 20, 2013

2013 Huskie Bowl
Black 31-Cardinal 7

Postgame Quotes

Rod Carey
Head Coach, NIU

On the defensive effort
"The defense played really good. Offense is about timing and chemistry. You mix up those parts and sometimes it doesn't always go the way you want it. That was a little disappointing to see, but I thought the defense played really good."

On more players getting more playing time in a game like this vs. a scrimmage
"That's why you do it like this, you draft the teams. Charlie Miller, who plays one position, was playing four or five out there today. It's great for them. It's a really big positive that way.

On the younger guys that got playing time
"I spoke about Charlie. He had a day where he was getting a ton of reps. It was good for him to play ball again. Levon Myers played a lot. A bunch of guys over on the defensive side also. I was really pleased that they got a bunch of reps."

On the play of both secondaries
"I haven't looked at the film yet, but my feel is the defense made some plays. It's always a double-edged sword to spring. If the defense is making plays, that means the offensive guy didn't go up and get that ball out so it's not a pick."

Kevin Kane
Cardinal Head Coach

On running the football
"The offensive line never really worked together as a unit. The running backs never worked with the O-line, but that's part of the deal. We still have to run our offense. I'm a little disappointed. I wish we would have run the ball a little better. "

On the plays made by the Black's secondary
"I'm a defensive guy so I was excited to see that. Our quarterback needs to make the right decisions. We're out here for the spring game. It's a culmination of a long spring. Guys are just trying to make plays."



Joe Tripodi
Black Head Coach

On the play of the secondary
"I would say the defense in general, from the front four to the linebackers to the secondary, they made big plays. From an offensive perspective, you can't turn the ball over. Our guys flew around. They had a lot of energy. It was great to watch our defense kind of play a little bit. We do have a good defense."

On the competition
"The competition was great. It was fun to see. I said it last week. When you do something like this, with a draft and the Huskie Bowl atmosphere, it really provides life into spring practice. Being a player not too long ago, that last week of spring ball grinds out.

"We were a house divided today. In the end, we're all teammates. I know they had fun today. They got after each other."

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