Dec. 13, 2010


Barry Alvarez, Wisconsin Director of Athletics (Doeren worked under Alvarez at Wisconsin from 2006-10):

“I’m pleased for Dave. He’s a young, energetic and knowledgeable football coach. He’s done a tremendous job with our defense here the past five years and he will do a good job for Northern Illinois.”

Bret Bielema, Wisconsin Head Football Coach (Doeren coached under Bielema at Wisconsin from 2006-10):

“Northern Illinois is getting not only a great coach, but a great family with Dave’s wife, Sara, and their three boys. Dave was one of my first hires at Wisconsin and he has been one of the major reasons we have had success. It was only a matter of time before Dave became a head coach and I wish him all the best in every game next year, but one.”

Joe Glenn, 35-Year Football Coach (Doeren coached under Glenn at Montana from 2000-01):

“[Dave’s] one of my favorites. I’ll tell you that. Dave came into my life when I became head coach at Montana. When he joined us, he brought a new [defensive] attack with him, something that we wanted to move toward. He intstalled the defense as a young coach and away we went. No matter what, Dave totally impacted our staff with his personality, with his intensity, with his ability to coach and gets kids to play at a very high level. He had an ability to excite kids about the game. He’s one of the finest young coaches I’ve ever coached with. He has a terrific future. I’m really, really happy to see him be a head coach. He’s due even at the ripe age of 39. He is very mature and can tie it all up into being a great friend, father and husband. I couldn’t be higher on anyone I’ve ever met in my career, and I’ve been around for 35 years [of coaching].

“The Huskies have one of the brightest young talents in college football, and I mean that from my heart. He coaches from the passion of the game and is a competitor. And he wants to win the right way. He will beat you on intensity and his desire to be the best.”



Travis Jones, New Orleans Saints Defensive Line Coach (Coached with Doeren at Kansas in 2002):

“[I coached with Dave in Mark] Mangino’s first year [at Kansas]. I was a hold-over and had been there the previous year. Dave came in with a lot of energy. He’s headstrong and intelligent football-wise. He’s good to work with and I instantly had respect for the guy. We started rebuilding a [Kansas] program that had been down for a few years. We helped catapult that program forward with Mangino. He’s a hard-worker who is strong in his beliefs, and the players feel that and feed off it. I have no doubt that is why Wisconsin was able to move forward and do well defensively with Dave as coordinator. He’s a trustworthy person. I have a lot of respect for him and his wife, Sara, for who he is as a man and as a coach.

“Dave is going to bring toughness to the program, and discipline. Players are going to play hard and want to play for him, which is a big attribute for a head coach to have. They’ll be sound at all three phases. They’ll play smart football. Academically, he’s been strong as well. He will help his players move forward in graduation rates and continue to move forward in that area. I think he’s a young guy coming in that has been around the right coaches and has a formula for success. I fully expect him to do well [at Northern Illinois]."

Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern Head Football Coach (Coached against Doeren in the Big Ten from 2006-10):

"I have a great deal of respect for the job that Dave has done at Wisconsin and previous schools. He is a perfect fit for Northern Illinois and should keep their program among the best in the MAC. I wish him well in DeKalb."

O’Brien Schofield, LB Arizona Cardinals (Played under Doeren at Wisconsin from 2006-09):

“When I first met Coach Doeren, I noticed how he knew exactly what he wanted and how he wanted it done. He is big on discipline. He wants his players to get it done in the classroom and carry that over to the field. As I spent more time around him, he opened up more. He’s more of a player’s coach. The biggest thing about him, though, is that he loves the game of football. He’s going to give you the best chance to win.

“I was excited when he texted me this morning. His mentality is all about winning. He wants to win championships. That’s what he has a desire for. He wants his players to be disciplined men in life, not just football. He will produce more than just football players for the program. He gives his players the opportunity for success in the workforce or NFL after they graduate.”

DeAndre Levy, LB Detroit Lions (Played under Doeren at Wisconsin from 2006-08):

“[Coach Doeren] is a really good coach. I enjoyed playing with him for my final three years [at Wisconsin]. He is very business oriented and takes [his job] seriously. At the same time, though, he is able to relate to the players. He made it fun while keeping it businesslike. He’s a hard-working, straight-forward coach. He’s a good guy to be a head coach.

“He will bring good intensity [to NIU]. He’s one of the hardest-working coaches that I’ve been around. He has a blue collar background that will be good for the program.”

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