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Dec. 28, 2008

Game Day – Entry One – 4:12 p.m.

It’s finally here. After days of luncheons and breakfasts, welcomes and tours, it’s game day. The 33rd Independence Bowl kicks off in just a few hours.

I’ve just got time for a quick entry before I head to the stadium, so here goes. I haven’t had a ton of contact with the team today, because Associate A.D. for Communication Donna Turner and I have done a bit of running around and worked on some other miscellaneous tasks. I can at least tell you what they’ve been up to on this gameday.

The Huskies woke up a little later than they have been most of the week, around 9:30 this morning for breakfast. The team then headed to Independence Stadium for a game day walk through. It was just a quick half-hour trip, more to get the team out and about than anything, I think.

The team arrived at the hotel a little after noon and had treatment for our athletic training staff, all of whom have been working their tails off this week, headed up by Kammy Powell. The guys then had pre-game meal at 3:15 and took off for the stadium just a few minutes to go.

Donna and I hit the walk-through for a few minutes, where we saw a fair contingent of people tailgating (remember, this was a little before noon for a 7 p.m. game). We’re headed out to the stadium ourselves in just a few minutes. I think the consensus here in Shreveport is that is should be a great game.

The truth is, win or lose (and, trust me, we are here to win), this has been an amazing week, especially for the players. They have gotten to see and do (and eat) things many never would’ve if not for this trip. I can’t say enough how hospitable the people of Shreveport have been. From our official hosts, to the manager of a local Cheeburger Cheebuger diner who thanked Donna and I for coming in, everyone has been overwhelmingly friendly.

Now it’s off to the stadium for me. Thanks for reading the Independence Bowl blog. Be sure to watch the game tonight at 7 p.m. on ESPN if you didn’t make it to Shreveport, and, of course, Go Huskies!




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