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"I have always been very high on Doug Free. He is a tremendous physical specimen, is very light on his feet for his size, and is an explosive run blocker. He has the chance to be a first or second rounder in the 2007 draft."

"No question, Doug has the talent to play on Sundays. He can really run. You just don't see many offensive linemen that can run at that size like he can. What's impressive is he will sit back in pass protection and then we'll throw the ball down the field and he'll run downfield and block a safety. You just don't see kids who can do that. He's special."
- JOE NOVAK, NIU Head Coach

"You'll see him make a block at the line of scrimmage and then sprint downfield and block the safety."

"The rest of the college football world is finally starting to recognize how good the 6-7, 302-pound senior is. Free will be a 10-year NFL cog and an early first day draft pick next year thanks to his freakish combination of tight end speed and defensive tackle strength. It'll be his quickness and athleticism that gets him the big payday."

"Even at 6-7, 302, he can get out and lead running back Garrett Wolfe downfield on screens. Coach Novak says Free could play tight end in the NFL."

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