Soldier Field Showdown II

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the game?

A: Saturday, September 17, 2011

Q: What time is the game?

A: Kick off is set for 2:30 P.M.

Q: Is there an official NIU tailgate party?

A: The NIU Alumni Association will be hosting the official pre-game tailgate from 11 AM – 2:00 PM.  This event is FREE.  For more information you can call the Alumni Association at 815-753-1452 or visit

Q: Will there be a bus package?

A: The HASF will offer bus transportation from DeKalb to Soldier Field and back on the day of the game. More information will be available in August.

Q: How much are tickets?

A: The cost of a ticket varies based on where you want to sit and whether you are aNIU season ticket holder. NIU season ticket holders (not mini plan holders or HASF donors) receive a $15 discount per ticket equal to the number of season tickets they have. For instance, if Harry Huskie has four NIU season tickets, then he can buy four Soldier Field Showdown II tickets at the discounted rate. If he needs additional tickets, they would be at the public price. All seats would be located together.

Soldier Field Showdown II Seating Map

Area (see map)  Public  Discounted  Student
Level 1 $90 $75 N/A
Level 2 $75 $60 $25
Level 3 $60 $45 $25


Q: How many tickets can I purchase?

A: There is no limit on the number of tickets a person can purchase. There is however a limit on the number of discounted tickets a person can buy. NIU season ticket holders can purchase the same number of discounted tickets as they have season tickets.

Q: When will I receive the tickets?

A: All tickets ordered through the NIU ticket office have already been mailed.

Q: Where will my seats be?

A: Seat locations will be determined based on the HASF Loyalty Point System. All orders received by April 30, 2011 will be put on a list. That list will then be ranked in Loyalty Point order. Seat locations will be assigned based on loyalty points. If you do not have any loyalty points, after all HASF donors' orders are filled, season ticket holders'(who are not donors) seat locations will be determined by DATE order.Therefore, if you are not a donor to HASF, the earlier you order, the better seats you will receive. As it is our home game, we have access to all sections and both sidelines (minus the tickets given to Wisconsin). Therefore, there are plenty of great seats availablefor NIU fans.

Q: Where can I park?

A: NIU season ticket holders and HASF donors have the opportunity to pre-purchase a $46 parking pass for the South Lot. Soldier Field controls the parking for this event but is allowing NIU fans to purchase passes ahead of time so that all NIU fans will be able to park together. There is no limit to the number of passes you can order. Parking passes will be mailed with your tickets.

Q: If I want to sit with my friends but we are ordering separately, how do I do that?

A: Seats will be determined based on the HASF Loyalty Point system. If you want to sit with friends, write your request on your form. We will make every effort to fulfill all requests. However, groups will be seated based on the lowest points. Therefore if you have 100 loyalty points and your friend has 10, your seats will not be allocated until we seat people in the 10 point range.

Q: When do I need to order by?

A: The deadline for priority ordering is April 30, 2011. All orders received by this date will be allocated in the best seats. Tickets will go on-sale to the public on May 9, 2011.

Q: How many tickets are Wisconsin fans getting?

A: As the visiting team, Wisconsin will receive 12,500 tickets to sell to their fans.

Q: When do the tickets go on sale to the public?

A: Tickets will be made available to the public through TicketMaster on May 9, 2011.

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