What they're saying about Eric Luzzi



July 1, 2009


“First of all Eric is a great guy, and I think that the number one thing with players is that they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Eric is a guy that cares about his players. I really respect him, having gotten to know him at some of our camps and on the recruiting trail. He’s very knowledgeable guy, and a great fit. Steve Simmons has done a great job and it’s only natural that Eric continue that.”

– Tim Lenahan, Head Men’s Soccer Coach, Northwestern University

"Eric is a great fit for NIU, and I am excited that he has been given this opportunity.  Eric is very smart, speaks well, is a great teacher, works very hard, and has a great passion for the game and the players.  These things, plus the wonderful mentor he had in Steve Simmons, all indicate to me that he will be hugely successful as the head coach at NIU."

- Mike Avery, Head Men's Soccer Coach, Valparaiso University

“I’m excited for the future of NIU men’s soccer with the hiring of Eric Luzzi to lead the Huskies. I think the combination of Jeff Compher and Eric Luzzi can take the program to new heights. I believe that’s the kind of one-two punch that players and fans will be thrilled with.” '

Steve Simmons, Head Men’s Soccer Coach, Oregon State University

“As our assistant and most recently, our associate head coach, Eric has had a great opportunity to work with and learn from [former head coach] Steve Simmons as they have built a championship program at NIU. In addition, he is a Chicago native with deep roots in the soccer community in this area, going back not only to his days as a high school coach, but to his days as a high school player. I am confident Eric will carry on the winning tradition of Northern Illinois men’s soccer and that, under his leadership, we will move to the next level.”



– Jeff Compher, Associate Vice President and Director of Athletics, Northern Illinois University

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