Q&A With Steve Simmons

GO HUSKIES Head Coach Steve Simmons
Head Coach Steve Simmons

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What are the team goals for the upcoming season?
"As always, we look to compete for the MAC Championship.  Additionally, we want to perform consistently with our tough non-conference schedule as this will prepare us for a difficult MAC campaign."

How do you see the competition in the Mid-American Conference this year?
"I see the MAC as tough as it has been in a long time.  As a conference our goal is to have multiple teams make the NCAA's.  The 2008 MAC teams are geared up for just that."

Who is the ideal Huskie soccer player?
"The ideal Huskie player is a player with ability who is `coachable' and strives to achieve their highest standard possible academically, athletically and socially.  In the end, he is honest and rolls his sleeves up to get to work."

What's the key to your ability to quickly turn programs into winners?
"I've been fortunate enough to be able to help good coaches establish winning cultures. Additionally, most programs I've coached at had good qualities like location, state school, academic reputation, conference affiliation."

How do you incorporate your coaching philosophies into day-to-day activities like practices and meetings?
"Everything we do as a staff has to come back to positively address our core values.  We do our best to focus on issues that positively contribute directly or indirectly to the experience of our student-athletes through our core values."

What are the principles that have put the Huskies among the top defensive teams in the nation?
"Our players have a warrior-like mentality that comes with fine-tuned decision-making.  It helps to have returning players in back to challenge for defending spots.  Good players help make defending principles shine."

What draws so many top students, athletes and coaches to DeKalb and Northern Illinois University?
"I think there are three areas that draw so many top students, athletes and coaches to DeKalb and Northern Illinois University. The first is Chicago. The talent pool in the Chicagoland area is rich and enormous.  NIU gives people an opportunity to get a great experience close to home. The second is opportunity. Being a large state school in the Chicagoland area gives NIU a chance to be on the regional and national stage. The third is leadership in the athletic department. Our athletic director, Jeff Compher, has experience at the highest levels of athletic administration, and brings the knowledge and work ethic to match."