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Steve Simmons

Aug. 19, 2008

Coach Simmons Bio

"In a relatively short period of time Coach Simmons has established a high standard for our men's soccer program.  He has had our team nationally ranked and they are consistently at the top of our conference and competing for the MAC Championship. His teams have been very successful in the classroom and have been active in our community. He is highly regarded in the collegiate coaching community and is a fierce recruiter. I am looking forward to great season under his leadership."

    Jeff Compher, NIU Athletic Director

"He's an excellent coach, also a class person and a class individual; he has a great deal of integrity; he knows the game, and knows players. When you roll all these qualities into one, you see you've got a very good coach. He's put Northern Illinois right into being a serious contender, and certainly one of the hardest matches on our schedule, and we play a pretty tough schedule."

    Bobby Clark, Head Coach, Notre Dame

"He knows the game. Steve is always reading, watching games, thirsting for knowledge. The highest honor you can pay someone is to call somebody your friend, and I'd bend over backwards and go to the ends of the earth for Steve Simmons. He's that great of a friend to me."

    Dana Taylor, Head Coach, Oregon State

"All around, he's a class guy. The type of guy who is a model for any coach, at any level, in any sport. Since Steve has come to NIU, he's moved Northern back into the limelight of Division I soccer. He separates himself from others because he will roll up his sleeves and work hard. It's no wonder Northern is the number one or two choice as a soccer school in Illinois."



    Mike Matkovich, Assistant Coach, Chivas USA

"I had the privilege of being coached by Steve. He is a genuine guy and cares about players, a good-hearted person who brings out the best in those he coaches. And it wasn't all about wins and losses. It was about being a better person on the field as well as off of it."

    Alan Gordon, Midfielder, L.A. Galaxy


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