Huskie Men's Soccer Senior Farewells - Danny Lopez

GO HUSKIES Huskie Senior Danny Lopez
Huskie Senior Danny Lopez

Oct. 9, 2009

I can say writing this letter has become the most difficult task that I have dealt with in my college career. As I look back at my four years of college and soccer there are so many moments and games that I will forever cherish. Before I kick things off, I know this might sound cliché but first and foremost I want to thank the most amazing people in my life, my parents. They have stuck with me through thick and thin, drove me from state to state to play, but most importantly believed in me as an athlete and a student. For this I cannot thank them enough and I hope they can understand this through this letter. Thank you guys so much, I love the both of you.

I also want to thank coach Luzzi. You have been there for me as a coach, mentor, and friend so I am thankful to you have you as my head coach for my senior year. To my boys, teammates, friends or whatever you guys like to be known as. You guys will forever be close to my heart and the journey that I have spent with you guys in my college career is something no one can take away from me. There's not a more fun, cool, and energetic group of guys I rather spend more time with and I want you all to know that.

It is still very hard to grasp the meaning of this letter because to be honest, it hasn't completely hit me yet. I'm sure it will hit me once my name is called as I'm accepting my senior picture at mid-field during senior day. I'm not sure what lies ahead of me in the future but I know I have you guys as friends to support me. The sport of soccer has been my true love since I can remember walking for the first time. Soccer has been a hobby of mine that I was able to excel in and lucky enough to play at the Division I level. Many people can say that playing a Division I sport is like a job. To me soccer was always fun, it was something that would enrich my day, not damage it.

When I transferred here to NIU, I knew I was making the best decision possible as a student and as an athlete. They try to make the experience as professional as possible by excelling us to become champions on the field and in the classroom. As I look back at the time I've spent here in college from an athletic and academic standpoint, I get the true understanding that I have lived four of my greatest years. It's hard to accept that my college career is at its pinnacle and it is very difficult to grasp that college is coming to an end.



If there's anything that I want to be remembered as by my colleagues, coaches, and friends is that I gave my best to the NIU men's soccer team on and off the field and I hope the new members of the team do the same to keep a great tradition going. I hope as the days go by I don't get more nervous about the season coming to an end but a sense of comfort that I have 27 other guys on the team that is ready to give there all for the rest of the season to keep this season alive as along as possible. This is my farewell and hope to see everyone at the game!