Why to Attend Our Camp vs. Other Camps

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•    You will be seen by a number of college coaches.  In addition to our staff at NIU, there are routinely 10-15 other schools that are in attendance at our Elite Camp, whether they be on the coaching staff for the camp or just come out to watch training and matches for recruiting purposes.

•    Real exposure to college coaches.  In reality, when a coach goes to a tournament, he is only able to see you play for one half of one game.  It’s difficult to get a true assessment of what a player can do in that amount of time.  At our camp, coaches are able to watch you in multiple training environments and multiple matches.  As a result, we are able to learn much more about you as a player and a person.

•    Be trained exactly like a Division I player.  From the minute you start camp, we treat you exactly like we treat one of our players.  We will hold you to the same standards and expectations that we hold our team to.  Most importantly, our camp training sessions are just like the sessions that we run with our NIU team—fast paced, intense, and with a huge emphasis on making you better.

•    Be exposed to all the other aspects of being a college athlete.  In our experience, there is much more to a player than what they bring on the field.  Factors like athleticism, work ethic, attitude and personality often play a bigger role in a college player’s chances to succeed.  There are NO other camps that will expose you to all the other aspects of being a Division I soccer player, such as:

     o    Nutrition Education--emphasizing how important proper eating and hydration habits are
     o    Goal setting and other crucial psychological skills like mental toughness, self-talk and imagery
     o    Fitness testing, with the same standard that we ask of our team
     o    Additional testing in areas such as body composition, explosive power, and quickness
     o    Video Breakdown--just like we have with our NIU team each week during the season
     o    1 on 1 evaluation and feedback--A meeting with your camp coach, just like we do with our players throughout the year

•    You will gain a better understanding of the college recruiting process.  Choosing the right school for you can be a very confusing, difficult and overwhelming process.  Our college recruiting talk will help you decide what is important to you as you search for the school that is the perfect fit for you.  You will get advice on the recruiting process from college coaches at all levels (NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA, JuCo), as well as from current college athletes.
•    Our camp is reasonably priced.  We intentionally price our camp $200+ less expensive than many other Division I Elite Camps.  Our goal is to give you the chance to experience what the highest level of college soccer is like…without your family having to take out a loan to pay for it!

•    Simply put, our camp works!  On our team at NIU in 2013, a total of 10 players (40% of our roster) had attended one of our Prospect Camps.  In addition, there have been dozens of campers that have gone on to additional Division I and other programs in college soccer.

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