Huskies Fall at No. 57 Indiana, 5-2

GO HUSKIES Axel Lagerlof defeated the 80th-ranked player in the nation on Sunday
Axel Lagerlof defeated the 80th-ranked player in the nation on Sunday

Feb. 9, 2014

DeKALB, Ill. - In an evening match at Indiana on Sunday, February 9, the Huskies took on the No. 57 Hoosiers in their second road match of the season. NIU suffered its second loss of the season in the affair, dropping the affair 5-2, bringing the team's record to 6-2 in 2014. This one featured some very close individual matches, but the Huskies came up just short in those, leading to some narrow defeats.

"This is a really tough loss for our guys," said Head Coach Patrick Fisher. "We fought really hard against a good Big Ten team. We just came up short tonight. We are so close, and I just hope our guys can take the positives out of this because there is a lot to take. It'll be motivation for us from here on out."

Doubles play proved to be tough in this match, as the Huskies fell into an early 1-0 deficit by losing the point. They didn't go down without a fight, but none of NIU's pairings were able to pick up a win. Axel Lagerlof and Dor Amir came the closest to taking a match, but they fell to Daviel Bednarczyk and Sam Monette, 8-5.

Singles play featured close match after close match. Three matches went to three sets, and one other involved a tie break for a set. Lagerlof in the No. 1 bested the 80th-ranked player in the nation, Sven Lalic in a back-and-forth match, 6-4, 3-6, 6-2. Simon Formont stayed perfect on the season in singles play, winning his match in the No. 6, 6-0, 1-6, 6-0.

Frederic Cadieux nearly pulled off a victory in the first set in the No. 3, but he fell in the tie break, leading to an eventual 7-6 (7-3), 6-3. Matt Lynch and Elliott Yee put together an intense battle, but Lynch fell just short, losing 6-7, 6-3, 6-4. With two victories in singles play, the Huskies were outscored by the Hoosiers, 5-2.



The Huskies next play on Friday, February 14 at Iowa. It'll be an evening affair, set to start at 6:00 p.m.

IND 5, NIU 2
1. Axel Lagerlof (NIU) def. No. 80 Sven Lalic (IND) 6-4, 3-6, 6-2
2. Sam Monette (IND) def. Dor Amir (NIU) 6-3, 6-3
3. Dimitrije Tasic (IND) def. Frederic Cadieux (NIU) 7-6 (7-3), 6-3
4. Daniel Bednarczyk (IND) def. Jovan Zeljkovic (NIU) 6-4, 6-4
5. Elliott Yee (IND) def. Matt Lynch (NIU) 6-7, 6-3, 6-4
6. Simon Formont (NIU) def. Matthew McCoy (IND-M) 6-0, 1-6, 6-0

1. Daniel Bednarczyk/Sam Monette (IND) def. Axel Lagerlof/Dor Amir (NIU) 8-5
2. Sven Lalic/Dimitrije Tasic (IND) def. Matt Lynch/Jovan Zeljkovic (NIU) 8-4
3. Kellen Bates/Elliott Yee (IND) vs. Frederic Cadieux/Simon Formont (NIU) DNF

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