Q & A with...NIU Tennis Player Adam Ford

GO HUSKIES Huskie Junior Adam Ford
Huskie Junior Adam Ford

April 25, 2007

Adam Ford is a standout junior tennis player from Grand Rapids Michigan who is about to compete at the MAC Men's Tennis Championships in Fort Wayne, Ind. Ford was honored earlier this year as the MAC men's tennis player of the week and has currently won three consecutive singles matches.

Why did you decide to come to NIU?

" I was looking to play Division I tennis, and Coach gave me a call to look at Northern. I came to campus on an official trip and loved it. I met the team and they were a great group of guys. It seemed like the perfect fit."

What do you enjoy most about being an athlete at NIU?

" I like the way the university takes care of you. Everyone is always friendly and all the athletes are nice. Our coach is always there for us, as well as all the other sports staff."

How do you prepare before a big match?

" I listen to some loud music about thirty minutes before the match starts. I enjoy listening to music that gets your blood pumping and a little bit angry. Also, before the match our team gets together and Coach gives us a speech to get us fired up."

Who has been your biggest inspiration in your career? " My parents have been my biggest inspiration. They are extremely supportive, for example they travel far distances to watch me play. They are my biggest fans and are always there to push me. I could not ask for better parents."

How has being a student-athlete at NIU helped or changed you?

"Being a student athlete has helped me with time management. Since I do not have a lot of free time, I have to make the most of it and multi-task a lot of the time. It really shows you what hard work can do for you, and I feel this skill will pay off later, if not now."

What is your favorite class? Least favorite class? " Coms 358, a film class where we make short films, is probably my favorite class and is a lot of fun. My least favorite class would be any political science or art history class."

What is your favorite activity outside of sports?

" I would say hanging out with our team. Currently there are only seven guys and we are all very close. I also enjoy going to the movies."

Who would play you in the movie about your life?

"Steve Carell."

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment while at NIU?

"When I received MAC Player of the Week, I was really excited. This was good for our program because my fellow teammate also received this award a few weeks before me. It was really nice because I received it after Spring Break, where I went undefeated. It was nice to see my hard work pay off."

If you could accomplish just one thing while at NIU, what would it be and why?

" I would love to win a MAC championship my senior year because it will be hosted at Northern. It would leave a lasting impression with a win at home."

What do you want to be remembered for after you leave NIU?

" I want to be remembered for always giving it all I have and never holding back. I want to leave a lasting impression. I may not have a perfect record, but I work hard and that is what I want others to remember of me."

The song I cannot stop listening to right now is...

" This is Why I'm Hot," and "Walk it Out."

I am the video game champion of...

" FIFA '07."

The TV show I can't stop watching right now is...

"The Office."

My all-time favorite movie is...


The words I try to live by are...

"You have to work hard for everything in life."



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