Huskies Put 13 on the Podium at EMU Open

GO HUSKIES Jared Torrence earned fourth place at heavyweight in the EMU Open
Jared Torrence earned fourth place at heavyweight in the EMU Open

Nov. 3, 2012

YPSILANTI, Mich. – The Northern Illinois wrestling team opened their season on the right foot with 13 placewinners Saturday at the EMU Open.
Eight of those placewinners came out of the open bracket, while five of NIU’s six freshman/sophomore wrestlers finished on the podium in their collegiate debuts.
“We learned a lot about ourselves as a team today,” said NIU head coach Ryan Ludwig. “We will take our notes and apply them to our training when we hit the mats on Monday. I believe we have a lot of potential to be realized through constant attention to detail in the mat room. Our young guys fought hard as well and garnered some valuable experience.”
The highest placer in the open brackets was Matt Mougin, who claimed third place at 174 pounds. Wrestling for the first time at his new weight class, Mougin rattled off three straight wins – outscoring those three opponents by a 24-3 margin – to advance to the semifinals. However, the Columbus Junction, Iowa, native dropped a 10-4 decision to eventual champion Mat Miller of the Naval Academy. He would rebound in the third-place match, though, with a 7-0 shutout of Michigan State’ Jake Proctor.
Jared Torrence opened the year at heavyweight with a fourth-place showing. His day began with a 3-1 win over Tiffin’s Kevin Christman to move on to the semifinals. However, he would fall in his next match against Andrew Tumlin of Findlay by a 6-5 margin, then drop a 4-1 match to Danny Miller of Navy.
Another Huskie who had a successful day at a new weight class was 149-pounder Rob Jillard. He opened the day with a bang, pinning Tiffin’s Marco Gualtieri at 3:44, then shutting out Michigan’s John Evashevki by a 7-0 margin to move on to the quarterfinals to face Central Michigan’s Joey Kielbasa. After falling by a 6-3 score to Kielbasa, Jillard ran off three convincing wins in the consolation bracket, topping Eastern Michigan’s Justin Melick (14-8), Notre Dame (Ohio)’s Eric Burgey (fall at 2:38) and Central Michigan’s Jared Porter (6-2) to claim fifth place.
Five NIU wrestlers – Derek Elmore (125 pounds), Ethan Davis (141), Caleb Busson (174), Shane Rosenberry (184) and Arber Bebo (197) – took sixth place in their respective weight classes in the open brackets.
Over in the freshman/sophomore brackets, freshman Shawn Scott took home first place at 197 pounds. Following a close 2-1 win against Ashland’s Joe Brandt, Scott went on an impressive run through the following rounds. Outside of a forfeit in the quarterfinals, the Holly, Mich., native blasted both CMU’s Kurt Alder and Lincoln’s Archie Williams by 7-0 and 13-6 margins, respectively.
Fellow Michigander Andrew Morse took third place at 157 pounds. Morse opened the tournament with three strong victories, scoring two decisions and a technical fall by a combined score of 32-6. However, he was narrowly defeated by Louden Gordon of Notre Dame (Ohio), 4-3, before winning third place by way of a 2-0 decision over Ashland’s Zeb Beam.
Gabe Morse took fourth place at 141, while Braun Marquez and Bryan Loughlin earned fifth place finishes at 125 and 184, respectively.
The Huskies return to DeKalb for their home opener Saturday, Nov. 10, when they host Indiana, South Dakota State, Cleveland State and Tiffin in the Huskie Duals. The action starts at 10 a.m. in the NIU Convocation Center.
125: Nick Harrison 
Joe Roth (Central Michigan) dec. Nick Harrison (Northern Illinois), 10-3 
Scott Spreng (Ashland) pins Nick Harrison (Northern Illinois), 5:17 

125: Derek Elmore - Sixth Place
Ben Sergent (Findlay) dec. Derek Elmore (Northern Illinois), 2-1 
Derek Elmore (Northern Illinois) pins Alfred McKeown (Olivet), 2:12 
Derek Elmore (Northern Illinois) pins Brenan Lyon (Michigan State), 6:57
Derek Elmore (Northern Illinois) pins Tyler Marlow (Brockport State), 1:17
Derek Elmore (Northern Illinois) pins Kyle Ayersman (Purdue), 1:16
Josh Heinzer (Michigan State) dec. Derek Elmore (Northern Illinois), 13-12

125: Braun Marquez - Fifth Place
Braun Marquez (Northern Illinois) maj. dec. Daniel Rodgers (Lincoln College), 8-0 
Alonzo Shepherd (Indiana) pins Braun Marquez (Northern Illinois), 1:45
Braun Marquez (Northern Illinois) wins by injury forfeit over Stephen Ireland (Notre Dame (Ohio))
Braun Marquez (Northern Illinois) maj. dec. C.J. Whitten (Indiana Tech), 11-3
Braun Marquez (Northern Illinois) dec. Alex Calandrino (Eastern Michigan), 6-3
Braun Marquez (Northern Illinois) dec. Brett Yarbrough (Indiana Tech), 5-4
Braun Marquez (Northern Illinois) dec. Max Byrd (Ashland), 9-7

133: Thorian Twyner 
Chad Deno (Central Michigan) dec. Thorian Twyner (Northern Illinois), 7-5
Mike Carlone (Cleveland State) pins Thorian Twyner (Northern Illinois), 4:07

141: Tyler Argue
Brandon Nelson (Purdue) pins Tyler Argue (Northern Illinois), 6:45 
Tyler Argue (Northern Illinois) dec. Eliah Golding (Brockport State), 7-4
Ethan Davis (Northern Illinois) maj. dec. Tyler Argue (Northern Illinois), 11-2

141: Ethan Davis - Sixth Place
Joseph Locksmith (Navy) maj. dec. Ethan Davis (Northern Illinois), 13-3 
Ethan Davis (Northern Illinois) dec. Isaac Morisette (Lake Erie), 10-4 
Ethan Davis (Northern Illinois) maj. dec. Tyler Argue (Northern Illinois), 11-2
Ethan Davis (Northern Illinois) pins Marty Carlson (Notre Dame (Ohio)), 1:34
Ethan Davis (Northern Illinois) dec. Joseph Locksmith (Navy), 3-1
Justin Holm (Olivet) dec. Ethan Davis (Northern Illinois), 4-2

141: Gabe Morse - Fourth Place
Gabe Morse (Northern Illinois) maj. dec. Dan McNulty (Ashland), 9-1 
Gabe Morse (Northern Illinois) dec. R.J. LaBeef (Cleveland State), 9-2
Gabe Morse (Northern Illinois) dec. Nick Barber (Eastern Michigan), 3-2
Mo Miller (Notre Dame (Ohio)) dec. Gabe Morse (Northern Illinois), 4-1
Trevor Moody (Unattached) dec. Gabe Morse (Northern Illinois), 4-0

149: Shawn Fayette
Shawn Fayette (Northern Illinois) dec. Jan Ulinski (Findlay), 8-1
Zack Basich (Navy) dec. Shawn Fayette (Northern Illinois), 2-0
Andrew Ermatinger (Michigan State) dec. Shawn Fayette (Northern Illinois), 11-6

149: Rob Jillard - Fifth Place
Rob Jillard (Northern Illinois) pins Marco Gualtieri (Tiffin), 3:44 
Rob Jillard (Northern Illinois) dec. John Evashevski (Michigan), 7-0
Joey Kielbasa (Central Michigan) dec. Rob Jillard (Northern Illinois), 6-3
Rob Jillard (Northern Illinois) dec. Justin Melick (Eastern Michigan), 14-8
Rob Jillard (Northern Illinois) pins Eric Burgey (Notre Dame (Ohio)), 2:38
Rob Jillard (Northern Illinois) dec. Jared Porter (Central Michigan), 6-2

157: Matt Smith
Conor Young (Campbellsville) tech. fall Matt Smith (Northern Illinois), 18-2 
Dustin Schultz (Purdue) dec. Matt Smith (Northern Illinois), 13-12

157: Josh Smith
Josh Smith (Northern Illinois) maj. dec. Dylan Arthur (Unattached), 11-3 
Aaron Sulzer (Eastern Michigan) tech. fall Josh Smith (Northern Illinois), 17-2 
Mike Monson (Cleveland State) dec. Josh Smith (Northern Illinois), 3-2 

157: Andrew Morse - Third Place
Andrew Morse (Northern Illinois) dec. Justin Kresevic (Ohio State), 7-2
Andrew Morse (Northern Illinois) dec. Jacob Peasley (Lake Erie), 8-4
Andrew Morse (Northern Illinois) tech. fall Jameson Kordik (Ashland), 17-0
Louden Gordon (Notre Dame (Ohio)) dec. Andrew Morse (Northern Illinois), 4-3
Andrew Morse (Northern Illinois) dec. Zeb Beam (Ashland), 2-0

165: Dan Burk 
Dan Burk (Northern Illinois) dec. Rocky Cantu (Olivet), 5-2 
Peyton Walsh (Navy) tech. fall Dan Burk (Northern Illinois), 16-1
Doug Welch (Purdue) dec. Dan Burk (Northern Illinois), 2-0

165: Trace Engelkes 
Trace Engelkes (Northern Illinois) dec. Nicholas Affricano (Olivet), 6-0
Trace Engelkes (Northern Illinois) maj. dec. Darnell Thomas (Lincoln College), 13-5
Anthony Burge (Notre Dame (Ohio)) dec. Trace Engelkes (Northern Illinois), 14-7
Nick Mason (Ashland) dec. Trace Engelkes (Northern Illinois), 5-2

174: Caleb Busson - Sixth Place
Caleb Busson (Northern Illinois) dec. Brandon Hill (Michigan), 5-3
Chad Welch (Purdue) dec. Caleb Busson (Northern Illinois), 3-1 (OT)
Caleb Busson (Northern Illinois) pins Tyler Tesny (Lake Erie), 5:13
Caleb Busson (Northern Illinois) dec. Kevin Nash (Michigan State), 3-1
Oscar Huntley (Navy) dec. Caleb Busson (Northern Illinois), 7-1

174: Matt Mougin - Third Place
Matt Mougin (Northern Illinois) dec. Kevin Nash (Michigan State), 5-0 
Matt Mougin (Northern Illinois) maj. dec. Jonathon Beam (Ashland), 11-2 
Matt Mougin (Northern Illinois) dec. Nick Kaczanowski (Michigan State), 8-1
Mat Miller (Navy) dec. Matt Mougin (Northern Illinois), 10-4
Matt Mougin (Northern Illinois) dec. Nick Proctor (Michigan State), 7-0

184: Shane Rosenberry - Sixth Place
Shane Rosenberry (Northern Illinois) maj. dec. Walid Boggio (Tiffin), 10-0 
Shane Rosenberry (Northern Illinois) dec. Tom Kerrigan (Ashland), 5-1
Craig Kelliher (Central Michigan) maj. dec. Shane Rosenberry (Northern Illinois), 11-0
Shane Rosenberry (Northern Illinois) dec. Eric Ford (Michigan State), 4-1
Shane Rosenberry (Northern Illinois) wins by forfeit over Brandonn Johnson (Notre Dame (Ohio))
Mason Bailey (Navy) dec. Shane Rosenberry (Northern Illinois), 8-5

184: Bryan Loughlin - Fifth Place
Bryan Loughlin (Northern Illinois) dec. Tyler Ray (Mount St. Joseph's), 7-5
Charles Mason (Notre Dame (Ohio)) dec. Bryan Loughlin (Northern Illinois), 3-2
Bryan Loughlin (Northern Illinois) dec. Nate Knauf (Campbellsville), 7-1
Bryan Loughlin (Northern Illinois) dec. Michael Johnson (Campbellsville), 7-0
Bryan Loughlin (Northern Illinois) dec. William Childs (Brockport State), 7-3
Bryan Loughlin (Northern Illinois) dec. Brandon O'Neil (Ashland), 10-3

197: Arber Bebo - Sixth Place
Nick McDiarmid (Michigan State) dec. Arber Bebo (Northern Illinois), 10-4
Arber Bebo (Northern Illinois) dec. Parker Settecase (Northern Illinois), 7-6
Arber Bebo (Northern Illinois) wins by injury forfeit over Mike Samijlenko (Lake Erie)
Luke Jones (Michigan State) maj. dec. Arber Bebo (Northern Illinois), 13-3

197: Austin Pickering
Dustin Boyd (Indiana Tech) dec. Austin Pickering (Northern Illinois), 9-7 
Mike Samijlenko (Lake Erie) dec. Austin Pickering (Northern Illinois), 9-4

197: Parker Settecase
Ashton Brown (Findlay) dec. Parker Settecase (Northern Illinois), 11-7 
Arber Bebo (Northern Illinois) dec. Parker Settecase (Northern Illinois), 7-6

197: Shawn Scott - First Place
Shawn Scott (Northern Illinois) dec. Joe Brandt (Ashland), 2-1
Shawn Scott (Northern Illinois) wins by forfeit over Goree Daniel (Rend Lake)
Shawn Scott (Northern Illinois) dec. Kurt Alder (Central Michigan), 7-0
Shawn Scott (Northern Illinois) dec. Archie Williams (Lincoln College), 13-6

HWT: Arthur Bunce 
Danny Miller (Navy) dec. Arthur Bunce (Northern Illinois), 5-1
Alex White (Purdue) dec. Arthur Bunce (Northern Illinois), 6-3

HWT: Jared Torrence - Fourth Place
Jared Torrence (Northern Illinois) dec. Kevin Christman (Tiffin), 3-1
Andrew Tumlin (Findlay) dec. Jared Torrence (Northern Illinois), 6-5
Danny Miller (Navy) dec. Jared Torrence (Northern Illinois), 4-1



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