Huskies Split at EMU Duals

GO HUSKIES Derek Elmore took second as an unattached wrestler in the open tournament Saturday
Derek Elmore took second as an unattached wrestler in the open tournament Saturday

Nov. 16, 2013

YPSILANTI, Mich. - The Northern Illinois University wrestling team kicked off their dual schedule Saturday at the EMU Duals by winning two of their four matchups.

NIU began the day with a 22-9 loss against #14 Michigan, followed by a 27-9 defeat against sixth-ranked Oregon State. The Huskies bounced back by downing Clarion, 21-15, and Findlay, 41-9.

Due to problems with scoring, results for the Huskies' duals with Oregon State and Clarion were not available. Check back with Sunday, as results will be confirmed tomorrow morning.

In addition to the dual competition, six Huskies placed in the open tournament portion of the meet. Jordan Northrup took first place at 133 pounds, while Derek Elmore took second at 125 and Parker Settecase was third at 197. Sal Annoreno and Matt Smith claimed fourth at 141 and 157, respectively, in addition to Arthur Bunce placing fifth at heavyweight.

Round One: #14 Wolverines Trump Huskies, 22-9

NIU gave #14 Michigan a scare early in both teams' openers, but it was the Wolverines who came away with a 22-9 win over the Huskies.

UM got out to a quick 4-0 lead on the Huskies, as Braun Marquez dropped an 8-0 major decision to #11 Conor Youtsey at 125 pounds. That early deficit grew to 10-0 for the Huskies when Rossi Bruno topped Nick Smith with an 8-2 decision and Tyler Argue fell to Angelo Latora by way of an 11-5 loss.

However, NIU turned the tide with a pair of wins from Michigan natives Gabe and Andrew Morse. At 149, Gabe earned arguably the biggest win of his young career, as the redshirt freshman upset fifth-ranked Eric Grajales in a 5-4 decision. His twin brother and 20th-ranked Andrew got the Huskies within 11-6 with a 7-2 win over Jake Salazar at 157.

The Wolverines, though, ended any hopes of a Huskie shocker in the upper weights. Sixth-ranked Dan Yates defeated Sam Bennett at 165, 6-0, before Billy Chancey suffered a tight 4-2 loss to Ben Ralston. UM clinched the dual at 184 with #11 Max Huntley's 9-3 win against Caleb Busson.

In the final two matches, Shawn Scott - another Wolverine State native - defeated Chris Heald, 10-6, at 197, while Jared Torrence came one point short at heavyweight with a 4-3 loss to Adam Coon.

#14 Michigan 22, Northern Illinois 9
125: Conor Youtsey (UM) maj. dec. Braun Marquez (NIU), 8-0 (UM, 4-0)
133: Rossi Bruno (UM) dec. Nick Smith (NIU), 8-2 (UM, 7-0)
141: Angelo Latora (UM) dec. Tyler Argue (NIU), 11-5 (UM, 10-0)
149: Gabriel Morse (NIU) dec. Eric Grajales (U-M), 5-4 (UM, 10-3)
157:Andrew Morse (NIU) dec. Jake Salazar (U-M), 7-2 (UM, 10-6)
165: Dan Yates (UM) dec. Sam Bennett (NIU), 6-0 (UM, 13-6)
174: Ben Ralston (UM) dec. Billy Chancey (NIU), 4-2 (UM, 16-6)
184: Max Huntley (UM) dec. Caleb Busson (NIU), 9-3 (UM, 19-6)
197:Shawn Scott (NIU) dec. Chris Heald (UM), 10-6 (UM, 19-9)
285: Adam Coon (UM) dec. Jared Torrence (NIU), 4-3 (UM 22-9)

Round Two: Sixth-Ranked Beavers Knock Off Huskies, 27-9

#6 Oregon State 27, Northern Illinois 9
125: Pat Rollins (OSU) dec. Braun Marquez (NIU), 3-2 (OSU, 3-0)
133: Nick Smith (NIU) dec. Drew Van Anrooy (OSU), 8-2 (OT) (Tied, 3-3)
141: Kevin Fanta (NIU) pins Joey Delgado (OSU), 2:42 (NIU, 9-3)
149: #1 Scott Sakaguchi (OSU) maj. dec. Gabriel Morse (NIU), 10-2 (NIU, 9-7)
157: #5 R.J. Pena (OSU) dec. Andrew Morse (NIU), 7-4 (OSU, 10-9)
165: Alex Elder (OSU) dec. Sam Bennett (NIU), 12-8 (OSU, 13-9)
174: Joe Latham (OSU) maj. dec. Billy Chancey (NIU), 14-5 (OSU, 17-9)
184: Brian Engdahl (OSU) dec. Caleb Busson (NIU), 10-3 (OSU, 20-9)
197: #1 Taylor Meeks (OSU) maj. dec. Shawn Scott (NIU), 12-3 (OSU, 24-9)
285: Amarveer Dhesi (OSU) dec. Jared Torrence (NIU), 6-1 (OSU, 27-9)

Round Three: Huskies Outlast Golden Eagles, 21-15
Northern Illinois 21, Clarion 15
125: Jonathan Mele (Clarion) dec. Braun Marquez (NIU), 12-8 (Clarion, 3-0)
133: Nick Smith (NIU) dec. Sam Sherlock (Clarion), 8-4 (Tied, 3-3)
141: Kevin Fanta (NIU) dec. Tyler Bedelyon (Clarion), 8-7 (NIU, 6-3)
149: #18 Justin Arthur (Clarion) pins Gabriel Morse (NIU), 3:43 (Clarion, 9-6)
157: Andrew Morse (NIU) dec. Austin Matthews (Clarion), 8-2 (Tied, 9-9)
165: Mike Pavasko (Clarion) dec. Sam Bennett (NIU), 5-4 (Clarion, 12-9)
174: Billy Chancey (NIU) dec. Ryan Darch (Clarion), 2-0 (Tied, 12-12)
184: Daniel Sutherland (Clarion) dec. Caleb Busson (NIU), 3-2 (Clarion, 15-12)
197: Shawn Scott (NIU) pins Brandon Contreras (Clarion), 5:21 (NIU, 18-15)
285: Jared Torrence (NIU) dec. Evan Daley (Clarion), 5-1 (NIU, 21-15)

Round Four: Huskies Handle Oilers, 41-9
The Huskies capped their day in Ypsilanti on a high note, making quick work of Division II Findlay, 41-9.
NIU got a quick 18-0 lead on the Oilers, as UF forfeited at 125, 133 and 141. The Huskies gained another six points on the Oilers when Tyler Argue earned a first-period pin of Nic Skonieczny at 149.
Following another forfeit at 157, Trace Engelkes scored a 6-2 decision against Brad Metz to give the Huskies a 33-0 lead in the dual. UF got on the board when 2013 DII All-American Adam Walters defeated Billy Chancey in a tight 3-2 decision, then added six more points when NIU conceded 184.
The Huskies closed out the match with back-to-back major decisions at 197 and heavyweight. Shawn Scott outscored Gerald Beck, 16-3, while Jared Torrence earned a 12-4 victory against Cody Hoston.
Northern Illinois 41, Findlay 9
125: Braun Marquez (NIU) won by forfeit (NIU, 6-0)
133: Nick Harrison (NIU) won by forfeit (NIU, 12-0)
141: Kevin Fanta (NIU) won by forfeit (NIU, 18-0)
149: Tyler Argue (NIU) pinned Nic Skonieczny (UF), 2:36 (NIU, 24-0)
157: Andrew Morse (NIU) won by forfeit (NIU, 30-0)
165: Trace Engelkes (NIU) dec. Brad Metz (UF), 6-2 (NIU, 33-0)
174: Adam Walters (Findlay) dec. Billy Chancey (NIU), 3-2 (NIU, 33-3)
184: Alec Bissell (UF) won by forfeit (NIU, 33-9)
197: Shawn Scott (NIU) maj. dec. Gerald Beck (UF), 16-3 (NIU, 37-9)
285: Jared Torrence (NIU) maj. dec. Cody Hoston (UF), 12-4 (NIU, 41-9)
EMU Open Results
125: Derek Elmore* – Second Place
Derek Elmore (NIU) pins Thomas Ziegler (Kent State), 2:03
Derek Elmore (NIU) wins by medical forfeit over Hunter Jones (Clarion)
Derek Elmore (NIU) pins Mitch Rogaliner (Michigan), 1:22
Shayne Wireman (Eastern Michigan) dec. Derek Elmore (NIU), 4-0
133: Jordan Northrup* – First Place
Jordan Northrup (NIU) pins Dylan Graham (Clarion), 4:59
Jordan Northrup (NIU) dec. Javier Gasca (Michigan), 16-9
Jordan Northrup (NIU) dec. Jacob Schmitt (Northwestern), 4-0
Jordan Northrup (NIU) dec. Luke Welch (Purdue), 4-0
141: Sal Annoreno* – Fourth Place
Sal Annoreno (NIU) dec. Tyler Fraley (Clarion), 7-4
Sal Annoreno (NIU) dec. Ryan Hull (Gardner-Webb), 10-3
Sam Mecham (Utah Valley) dec. Sal Annoreno (NIU), 1-0
Jameson Oster (Northwestern) maj. dec. Sal Annoreno (NIU), 14-3
157: Matt Smith – Fourth Place
Matt Smith (NIU) dec. Andrew Candiello (Kent State), 10-4
Matt Smith (NIU) pins Mike Falcon (Brockport State), 4:15
Matt Smith (NIU) dec. James Klosz (Eastern Michigan), 3-2
Brian Murphy (Michigan) dec. Matt Smith (NIU), 4-0
Josh Farrell (Purdue) wins by medical forfeit over Matt Smith (NIU)
165: Shaun'Qae McMurtry
Shaun'Qae McMurtry (NIU) dec. Randy Caris (Findlay), 6-1
Shaun'Qae McMurtry (NIU) maj. Dec. Riley McClurg (Purdue), 10-2
Taylor Massa (Michigan) dec. Shaun'Qae McMurtry (NIU), 5-3
Troy Lamson (Michigan State) dec. Shaun'Qae McMurtry (NIU), 8-4
197: Parker Settecase – Third Place
Parker Settecase (NIU) dec. Demitrus Renfroe (Michigan State), 8-6
Kenneth Hayden (Michigan) dec. Parker Settecase (NIU), 3-2
Parker Settecase (NIU) dec. Georgio Blades (Indiana Tech), 3-0
285: Arthur Bunce – Fifth Place
Arthur Bunce (NIU) dec. Jimmy Szep (Central Michigan), 3-1
Kosta Karageorge (Ohio State) dec. Arthur Bunce (NIU), 6-2
Arthur Bunce (NIU) dec. Jake Cochrane (NIU), 7-0
Arthur Bunce (NIU) dec. Cole Dillman (Eastern Michigan), 3-0
Arthur Bunce (NIU) pins Jordan Marrero (Kent State), 0:47
285: Jake Cochrane*
Gage Hutchison (Eastern Michigan) dec. Jake Cochrane (NIU), 6-4
Jake Cochrane (NIU) dec. Richard Larsen (Utah Valley), 3-1
Arthur Bunce (NIU) dec. Jake Cochrane (NIU), 7-0
*Wrestled unattached



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