Q&A with Junior Grappler Jesse Linczmaier

GO HUSKIES Jesse Linczmaier
Jesse Linczmaier

Jan. 24, 2008

Junior Jesse Linczmaier is in his first season as a member of the NIU wrestling team and took some time out of his day to let Huskie fans learn more about himself.

Major: Political Science

Favorite Musical Artist: Quiet Drive

Favorite Movie: Superbad, I don't remember laughing so hard in a theater.

Best Sporting Event Ever Attended: Sox-Cubs game in my junior year of high school. I'm a big (White) Sox fan.

Favorite TV Show: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I love politics and comedy.

Favorite Pro Sports Team: The White Sox and the Bears

Favorite Athlete: Scott Podsednik, for what he did in that World Series. He could never a get a hit the rest of his life and that's okay with me.

Childhood Idol: I had a lot of different coaches that really influenced me.

Team I'd like to see added to the schedule: Harper, because I wrestled for them last year.

Best Wrestler I Ever Faced: Travis Hammond, who beat me in the Junior College National Championships last year.

Toughest Place I Ever Wrestled: Midlands

Most Famous Person I Ever Met: Brian Urlacher (LB, Chicago Bears), he's bigger in person.

Most People Don't Know This But: I'm the only one in my family without musical talent. My brother and my dad both play drums, and my dad is actually in a band, and I actually use one of his songs for my entrance.

Most Prized Possession: Senior Year (H.S.) Team MVP Award, Male Athlete of the (H.S.)

Places I'd like to visit: Anywhere on the ocean, where it's hot. I guess Hawaii. One time, for a weekend, I went to the Gulf Coast.

Best Part About Living in DeKalb: Everything is close together, just a quick drive.

Best Moment at NIU: Getting the fastest pin at Midlands.

First Memory of Wrestling: My first practice, in fourth grade. My coach, who coach me all the way through my senior year, and who I'm still in touch with, taught me a half-nelson.



Pre-Match Rituals: Try to relax. Control my breathing and keep moving so my legs won't get tight.

Best Non-athletic Talent: Debating

If I could have one thing on a desert island: TV

Favorite Website: Yahoo. It has my e-mail.

Hobbies: I did a lot of sports before just wrestling. I used to do hockey, football, baseball, basketball and wrestling year round.

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