Seedings Announced for 2014 MAC Championships



March 4, 2014

CLEVELAND - The Mid-American Conference has announced the seeds for this weekend's 2014 MAC Championships, which will take place Saturday and Sunday inside Kent State's M.A.C. Center.
Jared Torrence and Shawn Scott were the highest-seeded Huskies in the field, as they were ranked third at 197 and 285, respectively. Scott's first-round opponent will be Old Dominion's Kevin Beazley, whom the Huskie defeated earlier this season in a 6-4 decision. Meanwhile, Torrence will open the tournament against Matt Tourdot of ODU. In their only prior meeting this year, the Huskie heavyweight scored a 5-3 win.
The Huskies boast one other top-five seed in Rob Jillard, who will be the fifth-seeded wrestler at 149. The senior's first matchup comes against Alexander Richardson of ODU, with Richardson topping Jillard in overtime, 7-5, in the last meeting.
Nick Smith sits as the sixth seed at 133, while Shaun'Qae McMurtry and Caleb Busson hold the seventh seeds at 165 and 184, respectively. Four Huskies - Nick Harrison, Tyler Argue, Andrew Morse and Matt Mougin - kick off the tournament with preliminary round matches.
Four different schools hold the 10 top seeds in the tournament, with Northern Iowa manning four of those top spots. In addition, Ohio has three number one seeds, while Old Dominion has two and Kent State has one.
1. Dylan Peters, Northern Iowa
2. Jared Germaine, Eastern Michigan
3. Brandon Jeske, Old Dominion
4. Corey Keener, Central Michigan
5. Barlow McGhee, Missouri
6. KeVon Powell, Ohio
7. Max Soria, Buffalo
    Del Vinas, Kent State
     Nick Harrison, Northern Illinois
1. Joe Colon, Northern Iowa
2. Joe Roth, Central Michigan
3. Vinnie Pizzuto, Eastern Michigan
4. Mack McGuire, Kent State
5. Matt Manley, Missouri
6. Nick Smith, Northern Illinois
7. Kagan Squire, Ohio
    Michael Hayes, Old Dominion
    Justin Farmer, Buffalo
1. Chris Mecate, Old Dominion
2. Zach Horan, Central Michigan
3. Joey Lazor, Northern Iowa
4. Lavion Mayes, Missouri
5. Tyler Small, Kent State
6. Noah Forrider, Ohio
7. Nick Flannery, Buffalo
    Tyler Argue, Northern Illinois
    Michael Shaw, Eastern Michigan
1. Tywan Claxton, Ohio
2. Drake Houdashelt, Missouri
3. Michael DePalma, Kent State
4. Alexander Richardson, Old Dominion
5. Rob Jillard, Northern Illinois
6. Tyler Patten, Northern Iowa
7. Scott Mattingly, Central Michigan
    Nick Barber, Eastern Michigan
    Ryan Todora, Buffalo
1. Ian Miller, Kent State
2. Luke Smith, Central Michigan
3. Joey Lavallee, Missouri
4. Tristan Warner, Old Dominion
5. Spartak Chino, Ohio
6. Brandon Zeerip, Eastern Michigan
7. Jarrett Jensen, Northern Iowa
    Andrew Morse, Northern Illinois
    Wally Maziarz, Buffalo
1. Cooper Moore, Northern Iowa
2. Zach Toal, Missouri
3. Harrison Hightower, Ohio
4. Nick Becker, Central Michigan
5. Tyler Buckwalter, Kent State
6. Devin Geoghegan, Old Dominion
7. Shaun'Qae McMurtry, Northern Illinois
    Jimmy Klosz, Eastern Michigan
    Jake Campana, Buffalo
1. Billy Curling, Old Dominion
2. Mike Ottinger, Central Michigan
3. Cody Walters, Ohio
4. Cody Caldwell, Northern Iowa
5. Caleb Marsh, Kent State
6. Jacob Davis, Eastern Michigan
7. Mikey England, Missouri
    Matt Mougin, Northern Illinois
    Rrok Ndokaj, Buffalo
1. Ryan Loder, Northern Iowa
2. John Eblen, Missouri
3. Jack Dechow, Old Dominion
4. Phillip Joseph, Eastern Michigan
5. Tony Lock, Buffalo
6. Craig Kelliher, Central Michigan
7. Caleb Busson, Northern Illinois
    Ryan Garringer, Ohio
    Cory Campbell, Kent State
1. Phil Wellington, Ohio
2. J'Den Cox, Missouri
3. Shawn Scott, Northern Illinois
4. Cole Baxter, Kent State
5. Nick Whitenburg, Eastern Michigan
6. Kevin Beazley, Old Dominion
7. Jackson Lewis, Central Michigan
    Angelo Malvestuto, Buffalo
    Jared Bartel, Northern Iowa
1. Jeremy Johnson, Ohio
2. Devin Mellon, Missouri
3. Jared Torrence, Northern Illinois
4. Blaize Cabell, Northern Iowa
5. Khodor Hoballah, Eastern Michigan
6. Matt Tourdot, Old Dominion
7. Mimmo Lytle, Kent State
    Adam Robinson, Central Michigan
    James Benjamin, Buffalo



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