Mid-American Conference Wrestling Championships Pre-Seeds Announced



March 5, 2013

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CLEVELAND - The Mid-American Conference announced the preliminary seeds for the 2013 MAC Wrestling Championship on Sunday, March 10 on the campus of the University at Buffalo at Alumni Arena.
Two Huskies - Kevin Fanta and Nick Smith - earned top four seeds in their respective weight classes. Fanta is the third seed at 141 pounds and will face Eastern Michigan's Seth Schaner, whom Fanta topped in a 7-3 decision Jan. 26, in the first round. Meanwhile, Smith is the fourth-seeded 133-pounder and battles Kent State's Mackenzie McGuire.
Two others NIU wrestlers earned five seeds. Rob Jillard is fifth at 149 and takes on Ohio's Andrew Romanchik, whom Jillard lost to on Jan. 11. At heavyweight, Jared Torrence will face fourth-seeded Blayne Beale of Northern Iowa in the opener.
Andrew Morse (157) and Parker Settecase (197) both earned six seeds at their respective weights, while Sam Bennett (165) and Matt Mougin (174) will be seven seeds. Lastly, Derek Elmore (125) and Bryan Loughlin (184) enter the tournament as the eighth-seeded wrestler in their bracket.
Four schools boast at least one top-seeded wrestler, with Missouri leading the way with six top seeds, while Central Michigan will bring two top seeds and Kent State and Northern Iowa each with one top seed. Missouri holds six No. 1 seeds with 125-pounder Alan Waters, 133-pounder Nathan McCormick, 149-pounder Drake Houdasheldt, 157-pounder Kyle Bradley, 174-pounder Todd Porter and 285-pounder Dom Bradley.
The pre-seeds were voted on by the conference’s coaches and rank the top eight wrestlers in each weight class.
1. Alan Waters, Missouri
2. Christian Cullinan, Central Michigan
3. Steve Mitcheff, Kent State
4. Jared Germaine, Eastern Michigan
5. Max Soria, Buffalo
6. Ryan Jauch, Northern Iowa
7. Kevon Powell, Ohio
8. Derek Elmore, Northern Illinois
1. Nathan McCormick, Mizzouri
2. Scotti Sentes, Central Michigan
3. Levi Wolfensperger, Northern Iowa
4. Nick Smith, Northern Illinois
5. Mackenzie McGuire, Kent State
6. Vince Pizzuto, Eastern Michigan
7. Justin Farmer, Buffalo
8. Joey Munoz, Ohio
1. Joey Lazor, Northern Iowa
2. Erik Galloway, Buffalo
3. Kevin Fanta, Northern Illinois
4. Nick Hucke, Missouri
5. Scott Mattingly, Central Michigan
6. Seth Schaner, Eastern Michigan
7. Dillon Kern, Kent State
8. Kagan Squire, Ohio
1. Drake Houdasheldt, Missouri
2. Donnie Corby, Central Michigan
3. Bart Reiter, Northern Iowa
4. Andrew Romanchik, Ohio
5. Rob Jillard, Northern Illinois
6. Blake Roulo, Buffalo
7. Mike Shaw, Eastern Michigan
8. Andrew Candillo, Kent State
1. Kyle Bradley, Missouri
2. David Bonin, Northern Iowa
3. Aaron Sulzer, Eastern Michigan
4. Spartak Chino, Ohio
5. Luke Smith, Central Michigan
6. Andrew Morse, Northern Illinois
7. Wally Maziarz, Buffalo
8. Tommy Sasfy, Kent State
1. Mike Ottinger, Central Michigan
2. Zach Toal, Missouri
3. Mark Lewandowski, Buffalo
4. Caleb Marsh, Kent State
5. Harrison Hightower, Ohio
6. Jake Davis, Eastern Michigan
7. Sam Bennett, Northern Illinois
8. Jarrett Jensen, Northern Iowa
1. Todd Porter, Missouri
2. Cody Walters, Ohio
3. Sam Wheeler, Kent State
4. John-Martin Cannon, Buffalo
5. Craig Kelliher, Central Michigan
6. Cody Caldwell, Northern Iowa
7. Matt Mougin, Northern Illinois
8. Phillip Joseph, Eastern Michigan
1. Ben Bennett, Central Michigan
2. Ryan Loder, Northern Iowa
3. Mike Larson, Missouri
4. Casey Newburg, Kent State
5. Michael Duckworth, Ohio
6. Khodor Hoballah, Eastern Michigan
7. Tony Lock, Buffalo
8. Bryan Loughlin, Northern Illinois
1. Dustin Kilgore, Kent State
2. Brent Haynes, Missouri
3. Nick Whitenburg, Eastern Michigan
4. Phillip Wellington, Ohio
5. Angelo Malvestuto, Buffalo
6. Parker Settecase, Northern Illinois
7. Taylor Ketteman, Northern Iowa
8. Jackson Lewis, Central Michigan
1. Dom Bradley, Missouri
2. Jared Trice, Central Michigan
3. Jeremy Johnson, Ohio
4. Blayne Beale, Northern Iowa
5. Jared Torrence, Northern Illinois
6. Keith Witt, Kent State
7. Justin Heiserman, Buffalo
8. Chris Eggert, Eastern Michigan



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